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2 travel to Brazil questions

Headed to Brazil in mid May...

One person in our group must keep an epipen with him at all times.

Any issues getting through customs to and from USA/Brazil with an epipen?

Second question: Any feedback about cell coverage or service throughout interior parts of Brazil? We all have Verizon world plans because we travel internationally quite frequently (but this is first time to Brazil).

Thank you! Any info or feedback greatly appreciated.

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no problem an epipen is medication that the person should carry on board.
Not sure about cell phones but wouldn't the provider know if your phone will work in Brasil

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Thank you!

Verizon says shouldn’t be an issue as long as cell towers provide coverage. It’s that coverage that we are wondering about as we head inland.

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Ugh. After all the planning, the trip/conference is cancelled.
Well, thanks anyway everybody for your help planning this one!

We’re still on for Quebec City and Iceland!