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2 days in Jaipur OR 1 day in Jaipur + 1 day Pushkar

Hi all

I have already booked my transport into and out of Jaipur (arrive around 9pm Sun Nov 10 and depart 6am Wed Nov 13). Since, I have found out about the Pushkar Mela - an annual camel/livestock fair, which seems like it would be a very interesting and unique thing to experience while in India.

I have seen some people say that a day may be enough for Jaipur... I'm a big fan of architecture and was looking forward to seeing the city. So I am torn on what the best thing to do is - spend 2 full days in Jaipur and have a more relaxed pace (we already have a pretty hectic 3 week itinerary), or embrace the opportunity and do a day trip to Pushkar from Jaipur?

Thanks in advance

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All I know is that the Pushkar camel fair is a crowded zoo. If you have already spent 3 weeks in a hectic manner, is that really what you want to do? I certainly wouldn't overnight in Puskar...if you can even get a hotel. Also, consider your sensitivity about animal 'rights' and whether you are prepared to watch non Western treatment of livestock. I am not saying this happens specifically here, but it might and you cannot expect Western treatment. I have seen it in other livestock markets and also seen the locals trying to live their lives in their way. If you aren't open minded to the difference, don't go at all. The 'gurus' and wise men at the Pushkar ghats are going to be in full force as well. I expect you will be used to the hawkers by then, but I have heard the ghats can be a problem. Why not leave some time open for it from Jaipur and decide when you get there. Of course, even a day trip is going to be an undertaking with the locals heading to market.