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Iceland volcano

We are scheduled to arrive in Iceland on Monday, Aug. 25. We are scheduled to stay for 2 nights. Now they are predicting a volcanic eruption at any time. We fly to Munich the morning of the 27th. What would you do?

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Your flights could be delayed, but I'd stick to the schedule. Even if there's an eruption, then they have to check which way the wind is blowing, etc. Does your ticket allow changes? It might not, unless the airline cancels your flight.

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"At any time" ain't very exact. Ride it out and deal with what happens . . . or doesn't.

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The report I read mentioned the likely volcano is in an unpopulated area in the Southwest - but then Reykjavik is in the SW, too. Do you have lodging and other travel reservations in Munich? If not, no problem, If so, that might potentially be a bit more complicated if the volcano blows, but you'll have an interesting time in Iceland if any flights are cancelled. Maybe flights won't disrupted, and maybe the volcano will wait until you've already left. Go ahead and have a great trip, whatever happens!

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Do you have trip insurance?

It not, consider buying it quickly........but you might double check to make sure since the risk has been identified that it would not be excluded from coverage. I'd suggest calling TravelGuard to see what they say...800#....staffed into the evenings (maybe 24 hours).

But, I'd probably still take the trip. "Any time" could be tomorrow or two months from now......unless you have heard they expect it to happen in the next two weeks......I heard it on the news, but I don't remember hearing a time frame other than 'any time now.'

How close is your hotel to the volcano site? I would not want to be downhill (seriously) in the same city!!!! If that's the case, I'd probably NOT take the trip, to be honest. If you are in a different city, likely less risk...just a lot of ash.

But, you may remember when a volcano caused a lot of European flights to be totally messed up (seems I recall for a week or more) several years ago.

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Don't obsess over a possible occurrence that likely would impact many folks if (**)it happens..

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We went through this a few years ago with those dang Iceland volcanoes.
Some folks here had their flights to Europe cancelled, as I recall. And it lasted awhile.