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My wife and I scheduled a two-day layover in Reykjavik in late-August on our way to Stockholm. What would be the best use of our time for places to visit that can be reached by bus/taxi from Reykjavik (we won’t have a rental car). We’re not big on tours but if there is a tour that is not too “toury” (that is to say too many stops with hardly any time at any one stop) we would consider such. We’d like to book a treatment at the Blue Lagoon (or other place we’re not yet aware of). Any advice on where to go for an “in-water massage” (or other similar indigenous spa treatment)? Last, any suggestions would be welcomed on where to have dinner.

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All I can tell you is: bring lots of money. Not an inexpensive place to be. Enjoy.

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We loved the Blue Lagoon. We had in-water massages there, rubbed the silica on us, and generally reveled in the hot water. We had lunch and bought some products that I wish we could buy here. You can spend hours there and I think you can have dinner in a nice restaurant instead of the cafeteria. Just Google it and swoon.

We stayed in Keflavik, so I can't help with personal restaurant experience for Reykjavik. I can tell you that we were there the first week of September and it was quite chilly.

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I have been looking at the Icelandic Horse tours, which look like so much fun. Watching the videos makes me want to book a flight right now. They have morning tours combined with a spa visit in the afternoon, or evening tours.

Check out all the other activities on Trip Advisor. The forum on Fodors has lots of information about Iceland too.

Tried to get a dedicated thread going about Iceland on this forum, but no luck so far.

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Hi there,

What do you mean by toury? Touristy/packed with tourists?
If so, do not go to the Blue Lagoon. Of course, the Lagoon is nice and worth going to. Do not get me wrong. I did like it.
But there is so much more to Iceland. I would suggest doing the Jokursarlon Glacier tour. It put the ice in Iceland for me. I did not find the sights too crowded even if I went there in July. I am not typically a tour person either...I rather do all on my own by bus/train. But in this case car rental would have been the best...and I did not feel like renting a car.
Oh and yes, you can have in water massage at the Blue Lagoon. Bring your $$$ like first advice given mentions.
Good luck!