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South America

Hi there
Wanting to spend 12-14 days in South America-especially Brazil/Argentina. Looking to travel with a tour- moderate priced. Any recommendations? Best time to travel? Open for any suggestions as I am just in the " thinking about phase" I know I want to see Rio and my husband wants to see the Amazon and maybe try fishing.

Thanks Andrea

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Great choice--Brazil and Argentina!

Tour company--we used for a Brazil trip back in 2010. We chose it after scouring the internet and then sending a potential, custom itinerary to 3 or 4 companies. Kind of like an RFP or an interview. Then we chose which is based in Miami and did a lot of the negotiating over the phone. I'm sure there are other equally good companies.

Time--avoid the World Cup this June/July unless that's your goal. The same with Carnaval next year. Summer and high season is December through February. Shoulder season is good. Our North America summer could be quite cool in some parts of the two countries.

Places--Rio is great. The tour company had eco-lodge options along the Amazon. Also consider Salvador, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, and many more smaller, less well known locations.

Other--Consider an airline pass. Brazil is a big country and you'll probably fly between places you visit.

Send a PM if you want more info. (We lived in Brazil 7 years.)

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Make sure and see Iguazu Falls. It is absolutely the most amazing place in the world. Buenos Aires is a great city to. You can even take a ferry from Buenos Aires, and check out Uruguay; which is the most laid back place I've ever been.