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My favorite shoes for past European trips were Keens. I tried on numerous shoes last summer because I wanted something that would be all right with dresses since I mainly wear dresses now when I travel. The only pair that were truly comfortable were Keen's Women's Rose Sandal that I purchased from Amazon. They were great to protect my toes more than a sandal, the bottom of the shoe is great for uneven pavement, and they also passed as an acceptable sandal with dresses.

Posted by Cheryl
Connecticut, USA
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Aravon Farren

I've been looking for ages for a black lace up sneaker type walking shoe that didn't look like a sneaker with gaudy colors but that had some decent support for long walking events. These are great! They are maybe a little "mature" looking, but feel wonderful, so I know I am good for the long haul.

Posted by Karen
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I have some Merrell Agave black sandals and they work well for me. They are comfortable and easy to walk in all day. Plus, I can make them work for casual or with a dress.

Posted by Karen
Santa Rosa, CA
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I'm on my 3rd pair of Merrells. They are neutral color, lightweight, but with a heavy enough sole for cobblestones. In addition, I switch out the insoles with Superfeet insoles for additional support. I have really high arches and the Superfeet really helps keep my feet happy.

Another trick I've learned is to put duck tape on the parts of my feet/toes that are prone to blisters/hot spots after long hours of walking day after day. (For me it's my heel bones and little toes). So with the combination of Merrells, insoles, and duck tape, last trip we walked 120 miles in 13 days without a single blister or problem with my feet.

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What Karen need's, is better socks. Proper socks are the most frequently overlooked problem when it comes to fit and blisters.

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I love my Clarks Women's Wave.Cruise Mary Jane Flat from Amazon, I took it to my 2 weeks trip in Europe and it work great! Be sure you take time to break in and wear socks the first week.

The only cons is it get slippery on wet road, and it soak up quite bad when it's raining.

I'm currently looking for another pair to use in rainy season, any suggestion?

Posted by christa
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Frank is right--socks are the secret to happy feet. I'd rather my feet be a little warm than blistered and irritated because when I travel I pound the pavement for hours and miles on end. I also like to wear my "real life" clothes and footwear when I travel so here's a recommendation for John Fluevog shoes and boots, the only brand I wear every day and I have a few that are perfect for long bouts of walking, including the Sandra mary jane, the Promise oxford and Dalu and Nico boots. If I didn't have Fluevogs I would consider Keens.

Posted by Elaine
Mission Viejo, Calif., USA
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I always enjoy wearing Mephisto or Munro shoes or sandals. They never need any breaking in time either. You can get them on Zappos.com (free postage both directions) or at Nordstrom.com (free postage).

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I love my Eccos. I have several pairs of sandals, some of the most comfortable I've ever had, and they look pretty nice too. I also have a pair of low-cut hiking shoes that are super-comfortable.

Now, about those socks? Okay - I'm going to start a new topic.

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I'm partial to Merrell walking shoes, as most of the styles have very good grips on the soles, and many are waterproof (handy for spring trips with unpredictable weather). I've also worn Privo mary-jane style shoes for warm weather/warm country trips, and always carry a pair of Teva sandals (Pretty Rugged leather or Cabrillo, which are nice enough to wear with skirts). Next trip I may pack a pair of Merrell Glove flats... a little dressier than sandals, and so light and thin that they should fit nicely into my travel pack.

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My choice: Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof. They are great! Comfortable and definitely waterproof. Purchased them to get ready for a summer 2014 trip and now wear them almost everyday. My feet are spoiled. (I also second the comment on good socks to go with good shoes.)

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I am back to Eccos and Clark's. I was wearing Merrill's but the last 2 pairs have literally fallen apart after just a few months. The soles come off the shoes and the leather is not holding up :(. Quality seems to be declining.

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I bought a pair of Ahnu "Karma"s for my trip to Italy, and LOVED them! I wanted something that looked a little more feminine thank my Keens (which I also love), and these were perfect. I was so happy with how comfortable they were on the cobblestone walkways, and they looked darling with dresses, capris, etc... They also come in at least 10 different colors! Which just encourages my shoe-addiction. ;)

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I love Mephistos for summer travel and was, overall, satisfied with a pair of Clark boots (their Cardy) for a recent trip to Italy. I was less satisfied with my socks. I'll check that travel forum thread next time. :-)

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Thank you so much everyone for your posts! I read them all and then went shopping! I was in Las Vegas and near a Outlet mall so I was able to find 3 of the brands mentioned. I ended up choosing Clark shoes. They were well priced, and boy are they comfortable! I bought a pair of sandals, and 2 pair of walking shoes. For all three the total was $190! I am planning a round the world trip, these should do the trick!

I also liked the Ecco's but they were pricer - for the same price I would only get two pair. The salesperson at Ecco did point some big differences like they don't use glue, and a few other fine points which you wouldn't know unless someone told you. It is no wonder they hold up well, they are well made and very comfortable.

Thanks again!

Posted by Meg
Edmonds, WA, United States
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I have seen a few people mention trying to figure out which socks work best. I love Smartwool, Thorlo, and Wrightsock. The last two brands got me through marathon training blister free, especially when combined with an anti-chafe stick (Body Glide). I know they are running socks, but perhaps these brands will work well for others. Happy travels!

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Houston, TX
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I tried on some CC Resort shoes - super light and made with elastic bands. Very cute. Has anyone tried this brand? Do they hold up?

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1: Besides the Keen Rose Sandal, what other specific model of Keens do those who like them recommend? There are many styles of Keens at Zappos, for example.
2: Do the little, lightweight ballet or Mary Jane type shoes REALLY do the job for all day walking and standing on pavement/hard surfaces? I find this hard to believe, but I have never owned a pair that I've worn in that setting. Wouldn't have even thought of it before actually, Don't you get very fatigued and have very sore feet at the end of the day? I'd love to wear something small and simple and cute like that but I was picturing buying a new pair of clunky "running/walking/sports" shoes for my trip with RS this summer.

3. And sandals -- I'd never think of wearing sandals -- don't your feet get dirty and aren't they open to injury? If they are the best thing, I'd love to change my mind, but they don't seem safe for lots of walking.

Please advise. I am 65 years old and functionality, comfort, and energy maintenance are what's key to me, but I love to have my mind changed too! Ann

Posted by Nicole P
Truro, NS, Canada
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When I worked selling shoes, the classic Keen had covered in toes, giving you protection, and stability... not the prettiest sandal, but very functional.

In regards to sandals, I guess it depends on the time of year. On 2010, we went over mid-Sept and stupid me only wore my Blundstone boots...my feet were so hot, I almost bought a pair of Birks that trip. All my trips (except that one), I take sandals - just wash your feet off...don't people wear sandals where they live when it's hot? Don't your feet get dirty? Don't you have a chance of injuries at home (I know, not fun when you are on holiday)? I love my Naot sandals (let's just say when I sold shoes, I got a good deal from the company, and now I own about 8 pair...lol) - the darn things never wear out, and they are all day comfortable and some are even a little stylish without being ankle injuring (and this is coming from someone who can fall off a pair of flat shoes on perfectly even ground). Naot even had some covered toe/covered heel ones - what I would call a Fisherman's sandal...covered but still ventilated to keep your feet cool. I can't say I ever look at people's feet - dirty or otherwise, whether on vacation or at home. Just wash em when you get back to your room...or if it really bothers you, use some wet paper towel thru the day (or take some wet wipes) and clean them when you go to a washroom...

Posted by Gretchen
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Thanks Joahnarc for your suggestion!

The Ahnu Karma's arrived from Zappos Thursday -- very cute ballet style black flat with arch support, good tread for walking and they are deep enough to slip in my Smart Feet orthotics without showing.

These will definitely work with a skirt, shorts or pants. I especially like the toe kick tread in the front so I won't scuff them up too badly walking on uneven pavement. AND they feel like slippers! Walked 2 miles in them yesterday! Thanks you for the tip!

Posted by Rachel
Evansville, IN, USA
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These replies are so helpful! I am trying to figure out what to buy for my trip in May. I am for sure bringing some Skechers that don't have shoestrings but wanted to bring something that could be a little dressier/nicer but still be comfortable for walking...keep the recommendations coming!

I do like the look of the Ahnu Karma but wondered if there was something with a little more coverage of the rest of the foot. I was looking into the Ahnu Gracie...has anyone had any experience with that?

Posted by Lois
San Diego, CA, USA
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I used to swear by Ecco for style and comfort and then I noticed that no matter how well they seemed to fit, I'd still end up getting blisters during my 10 mile walks. I bought a pair of stylish leather SAS slip-ons in my size and they also felt good but also started to hurt my feet after walking a few miles. Then I went to Sketchers to see what they had and the woman said that she'd measure my feet. I protested, telling her that I've always been an European size 41 but she insisted so I gave in. I came to find out that the reason for my foot and shoe problems was because my feet had grown a size and I was jamming them into shoes that were now too small for me (yes, feet can still grow when you are over 50 years old!) I bought a pair of Sketchers black lace-ups and a new pair of the same SAS shoes, this time in my correct size. Never got another blister and had no problem making those 10 mile walks! The downside is that I can no longer wear Ecco because they don't make women's shoes larger than I used to wear. So the best walking shoes that I can recommend are the ones that are the correct size for your feet!

Posted by Mimi
Morrison, CO, USA
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Munro's work best for me because I do have big feet (size 9) but wear a narrow and they are hard to find.

Good luck and have a great trip

Posted by christa
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I'm a big fan of Fluevog boots, and they are perfect for the epic walking journeys I take when traveling. But for my vacation this year I'll be in Vienna and Hungary in August and realized boots and socks may make me too warm, so I branched out and bought Dansko Sam (I don't like my toes uncovered) and Keen Toyah mary janes and so far I'm very pleased with their style and comfort. I do know that if I plan to wear any shoe without socks I need to be well-supplied with moleskin, just in case.

Posted by Pam
Troy, Idaho, USA
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My brother, a forester and used to lots of walking up and down steep hillsides in the woods, had me switch from moleskin to just regular paper tape. Really, it works as well if not better than moleskin, will stay on thru a couple of showers, can be torn instead of needing scissors to cut it and is cheap.

I have just recently switched to Altra Zero Drop shoes for plantar fasciitis issues and will be taking these to Ireland in June. They are quite dorky looking but this week I am up to 8 miles for my long walk of the week (4 to 6 miles the other days) and my feet are very happy! They have just come out with a shoe-ier looking shoe (if that is not a word it should be, lol) in leather, but not all the colors will be in the stores until the end of April according to the CS rep I spoke with.

Posted by Michele
Boulder, CO, USA
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The Fly London Ylva is so comfortable and versatile. The price is steep ($175) but I have been wanting a pair for almost a year and I am happy I finally got these. They go with absolutely everything from the most casual to dressy.

Posted by hppysmmr
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I wore my Josef Seibel Ida black sandals every day in Rome....miles and miles of tours and walking! LOVE them and did not have to break them in! They were dress up enough for churches with coverage and cool enough for spring weather.

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We are going to Rome in Nov, and I am trying to identify shoes that look nice, fit my orthodontics and comfortable for miles of walking. Waterproof or at least water resistant would be nice. I wore just above the ankle boots to Paris last year, but ended up with compression blisters and sore feet.

Posted by Kathy
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My favorite is the Merrell Mimosa Emme for a walking shoe. After 21 days in Europe, 17 days in Ireland and now 14 days in England, I can report total comfort, no blisters! These shoes are super comfortable and the soles are thick enough for the rough streets and hiking expeditions through the hills and meadows. I used a little scotch guard on the mesh inset and never have wet feet. They are going with me to Scotland next and I know I will be walking well!

Posted by deastwood78
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Does anyone else have experience with the Ahnu Karma shoe for women? It looks completely adorable and would be perfect for me while traveling in Europe for two weeks because I want some comfortable yet fashionable. With that said there were some reviewers on Amazon that talked about how they made their feet smell. They said the odor was horrible. They also claimed that they do not have sweaty or smelly feel normally so they were surprised by this. I would like to give these shoes a chance but am worried about the smell now. Thoughts?

Posted by peg
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My surprise find: Teva Zirra sandals! Straps are much thinner and sandal is very feminine looking. I don't usually care for Teva's typical "outdoorsy" style - but these are kinda sexy! Will work with skirts and pants. FYI: I fit a half size smaller than usual in these.

Posted by Diana
Michigan, United States
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I have extra wide feet so most of these options didn't work for me. I bought a pair of sandals made by New Balance (Cobb Hill is the brand name) as well as another pair of sandals made by Trotters. Both are very comfortable (I am breaking them in now, we leave in two weeks). I also have a pair of slip on Easy Spirits, kind of like a sneaker but no laces, they just slip on, that I will be wearing on the plane. I bought comfort support gel insoles for them & have been wearing them for the last month. So hoping no issues since shoe issues are difficult to solve when you're not at home. Been there, done that in Daytona Beach in February! It wasn't the best part of our winter vacation. LOL

Posted by Becky & Jerry
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I have wide feet - wide in the toe box anyway. I tried out a pair of black Cobb Hills for a few months in preparation for our Italy trip - they were pretty comfortable, but when I went to order another pair for the trip, the model had been discontinued. I ordered some silvery/grey/blue leather lace-up Keens from Zappos - and for 2 weeks in Italy walked and walked and walked on nothing but stone streets and marble floors. They were a little funky with their rounded soles- but l like to think they looked kind of Euro-eclectic with both leggings and long skirts. They were really comfortable - although next time I will probably look for some squishy liners for a little more padding walking on all those hard-edged cobbles.


Posted by Diana
Michigan, United States
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Becky, I checked both Zappos & Onlineshoes and the only Keen's they have are what look like hiking shoes! Guess I'll stick with what I found. But thanks for the recommendation. Someday I want to go to Italy too. Happy walking!

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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A big Thank You to Michele for recommending the Fly London shoe. I need something dressy that I can walk in. The Ylva is a bit too casual but the Yala is perfect! I am a convert. These Fly London shoes are going to fly to London with me.

Posted by Jean
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Wonderful that we have so many options now. I've worn the Keen's Venice H2 style in a cute lime green when I first went to Italy, completely wore them out over time and had to replace them because we had a new puppy who loved them - ugh! Replaced those with a Keen Venice in a lavender leather that are my everyday summer shoes after work. I still wear the Keen's Rose Sandals when I'm wearing dresses in Europe; they've been a great choice for stability, comfort, & toe protection.

Posted by ukkrazy
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Some time ago, I read about a guide who wore only Fly Londons. So I purchased a pair of the Ylva style Fly London. Got them in plenty of time to break in so I wore them to work for 12 hours the first day, the very next day I wore them for 16 hours. I had absolutely no problems with them and have been wearing them ever since. I purchased another pair in the same style but a different color. This style is a wedge with very sturdy and cushioned sole. I cannot say enough good things about these shoes. I can walk for a long time in them over uneven terrain as well. If you are looking for a pair of shoes to hug your foot, provide good support and give you a good foundation, then look no further than Fly London (particularly the Ylva style). These look good enough for business trips as well not just for vacation. I may never buy another brand for travel or every day wear.

Posted by Sharon
Santa Fe
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Shoes are such a personal thing-how a brand fits an individual can vary greatly.
Having said that...
I bought a pair of Naot last year and LOVE them. They were great walking shoes, handle cobblestones beautifully as they are very flexible and bend beautifully. I got the style that is like a "maryjane" Not my favorite style. But the strap holds them on well and they are dressier than typical walking or hiking shoes/boots so they cross over into dinner and dresses/skirts. We walk the cities a lot- hours each day and not one blister. And they are light.

I was surprised how much I now wear them at home but I find myself slipping them on a lot because they feel like I am walking on pillows.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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To the poster who mentioned certain shoes being complained about because they smell or cause foot odor.. on folks who normally do not have foot odor.
I believe it.. my hubbys feet do not smell.. ever except when he wears a certain pair of sandals.... there is an absolutely foul reaction..his Rockport sandals..
His work boots and runners smell fine though so not sure why this is happening..

Posted by Nicole P
Truro, NS, Canada
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Pat - we'd sometimes get complaints about that when I sold shoes - I think sometimes it has something to do with the material they use on the foot bed - if they use a fabric or faux suede or something, they could get smelly - but usually with leather or suede/nubuck you wouldn't get that - but then again, sometimes I think if something went wrong in the tanning process for natural leather, it could make shoes stink...or maybe some weird chemical used in the tanning process - but it does occur - not sure how to fix it - other then to leave them outside away from your nose - lol.

Posted by Barbara
Maricopa, AZ
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I highly recommend toe socks. I was skeptical at first because I don't like sandals or flip flops that go between my toes but these are truly comfortable socks and do prevent blisters. These were recommended to us by a local running shop called Road Runner Sports. We even wore their compression socks on the flight over and back.


Posted by christa
alameda, ca, usa
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After reading all the ecstatic comments about the Fly London Ylva sandals I ordered a pair from Amazon--different colors are different prices, I got the indigo for $142--and they arrived yesterday and I can see what all the fuss is about! They are funky enough to please me, adjustable due to the laces, leather lining is very smooth and the wedge is very stable and easy to walk in, feels cushy and springy. They'll be going to Austria and Hungary with me in August, along with Dansko Sam mary jane sandals and my trusty Fluevog Kaya oxfords.

Posted by mary k
winona, mn, us
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SAS sandals have taken me through 6 trips to Europe; they may be old lady shoes but I have never had a problem wearing them and once you're out and about, no pain trumps fashion.

Posted by Judy
Grass Valley, California
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There are some really nice looking shoes now than there were years ago when we started traveling. The sketchers Go walk are very comfortable and light weight for summer. Naot, and Born have sandals that are good for walking but also look a bit Europe dressy. I just never feel right wearing clothing or shoes to major cities in Europe that look like they belong camping. Athletic shoes have become very popular in Europe, I saw lots of them. I always take one funtional walking shoe and one boot or sandal that can be a bit dressy looking but also I can walk in them too.

Posted by Nancy
Millstone Twp., New Jersey, USA
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My feet are 9.5 to 10, wide, and tend to swell a bit if I stand a lot (esp in the heat) or walk a couple of miles. I have tried all kinds of Merrells (which I love, but not ong distancea), Ahnu, Keene, Cobb Hil, New Balance, Basics, Ecco and others...even when something feels comfortable and I try to break it in, it just doesn't cut it for long distance walking. I have a growing shoe museum. Teva sandals are comfortable, but tried other kinds of Tevas, they don't work for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking fora slip on and a good foot bed for walking cobblestones and pavement. Thanks.

Posted by dmae
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I just looked the toe socks Barbara posted about. I would like them better if they had a pattern on top that made them look like Hobbit feet.... 8-)

Posted by Nicole P
Truro, NS, Canada
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Nancy - have you ever tried Birkenstocks? They come in widths, the sandals are adjustable and the Boston clog is a nice slip on. Mind you, I think they are ugly as sin (well, really, the sandals are pretty basic if you get the 2 strap Arizona or 3 strap Florida style. Pisa is a nice style - a little more coverage, but not very adjustable). I sold shoes for 12 yrs, and Birkenstocks were insane sellers year round. People love them and wear them til they fall off their feet. And the nurses loved the Boston clog style - and they pull some long shifts. I have a few pair I wear as slippers in the summer. They are horrible feeling at first - you need to break them in gradually by wearing them for an hour a day and increasing that as you go (so you'd want them for a few months before you go away to break them in). Then all of a sudden, you realize how good they feel. Awesome support. Not sure about the non-slip...but people wear them everywhere. Make sure you have someone fit you for them - they have to fit a specific way - your foot comfortably within the footbed - no toes hanging out our side of your foot spilling over. If they aren't fitting properly, they won't wear properly. If you wanted some with a little more 'style' - look for the Papillio line - same support, but you can get some funky patterns and styles, as opposed to basic and boring.

(for the most part - the Arizona style was the best seller - my quibble with the Florida - the straps were narrower, and if people buckled them too tight, the top strap would start to tear - well, we sold the Birkoflor material - a manmade material - if you got leather ones, probably wouldn't have that issue...and you aren't supposed to buckle them tightly either - your foot has to fall naturally within the footbed - and buckling them tightly doesn't allow your foot to properly shape the footbed - wow, after 4 yrs away from shoes, I still rem my Birkenstock do's and don'ts!)

As an edit - you can get Birks with soft footbeds (there is a little bit of foam on the footbed) for those who really hate the hard footbed. You wouldn't have as many styles to choose from tho.

Posted by PTTP
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Try Taos sandals - extremely comfortable with no break in time required. Straps are soft leather and discreetly velcroed so you can adjust for a perfect fit. I bought Taos' Trophy in tooled pewter leather for travel and they go with everything - once I wore these I had to buy more.

Posted by sujormik
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I've just ordered a half dozen of the mentioned shoes in hopes of wearing them before my September trip to Italy. I'll report back! Thanks.

Posted by Debbie
Delray Beach, FL, USA
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I need a good shoe for my feet (and knee problems) and I wear Clarks sandals and closed shoes. I have them in all colors and they are great for cobblestone streets. I also use a menthol spray and a gel from Bath & Body Works at the end of the day on my feet.

Posted by gojennywestgo
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SPENCO 2nd Skin Blister Kit is one of the most amazing products invented. Never travel without it.

Posted by LeAnn
Seattle, WA
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I've happily worn many of the brands named on this thread - except Fly London, which I plan to check out -- when not traveling, but found that they don't provide enough support for really heavy walking. I'm plus-sized with high arches and have had plantar fasciitis issues in the past. I discovered Finn Comfort a while back and they are now my go-to shoes for walking. They are definitely expensive, but have unmatched construction and arch support. I have custom orthotics but don't need to use them with Finns. Life --and vacations -- are too short for aching feet. I consider them a form of travel insurance, since blisters can really ruin your trip. If you are willing to suffer for cuteness, I salute you because those days are gone for me. I refer to Finns as "my clunky German shoes" but won't travel without my Ikebukuro lace ups and Sparks or Baltrum sandals.

Posted by kathy
St. Louis MO
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My absolute favorite walking sandle is the Ahnu Maia. They come in all sorts of colors and are really cute and very comfortable. I have had issues with plantar fasciitis in the past and these sandles took me through 2 disney trips in which we walked a good 16 hours/day on pavement. I bought the Ahnu Karma too and although those were also very cute they rubbed terribly on the heel.

I am on my feet all day at work in a hospital laboratory. We have to wear enclosed shoes. I find the Dansko brand very comfortable but somewhat heavy. Too heavy to wear on vacation, I think. My favorite work shoe brand besides Dansko has been Klogg (in particular, the Naples style).

The problem I am finding is that we are going to Europe on the 21 day RS tour next spring when the temps in all countries will range from 40-70 degrees F. I don't think sandles will cut it. What comfortable shoes do you think will look stylish with socks given my need for supportive shoes?

Posted by jan
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New in the stores this year are shoes/sandals made of woven elastic straps. I bought two pairs: one pair of mary janes from Skechers in funky multi-color, and another in black from Bernie Mev. For summer, these are the best travel shoes I've ever had. More protective than sandals, lots of cushion in the sole, and light and flexible. Depending on the color/style they pass for "dress up" better than Keens or other sandals I've had. Super lightweight for packing, and if smashed flat in luggage, they recovered their shape immediately. If you walked in damp grass or on a rainy day, they dried really quickly. I wore them hiking in the alps, walking on cobblestone streets, into cathedrals… three weeks of travel and not a single blister or sore spot. The elastic moved with my foot, and the leather heel never rubbed. That's a record for me. The only downside is the lining got a bit stinky, but airing them out on a porch when I could and using some foot powder in them at other times made it okay. Came home and bought another pair to save for next summer's travels.

Posted by sasscath
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I've been traveling the world for years in the same brand and love my Clark's Sunbeat sandals. I have extremely narrow feet, and even in the years they don't often a narrow option, I can just tighten them up to keep them on my feet.

Posted by becky
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Nancy- I have wide feet, too, and I love love love my SAS shoes. All of them. I have three pair of sandals, two pair of simplify style, one pair of woven, and am on my second pair of gym shoes. Best shoes ever. Wore my first pair of sandals all over Rome and Florence...never a blister or aching feet. Subsequenty have traveled to Mexico, Italy again, and France as well as trips here in the US and I am on my feet a lot at work...I ALWAYS wear SAS shoes. LOVE THEM. They are fabuluous.

Posted by msksings
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I agree with Becky--SAS sandals are wonderful for walking on hot, hard surfaces all day when traveling. They provide lots of cushion and my feet do not sweat or slip wearing them because of the lining. I always take 2 pairs of sandals and alternate them daily which also helps for long walking days. Band-aid makes blister bandages that work great. I've only had to use them once when my luggage was delayed for 4 days & I only had the dress sandals I wore on the flight, but now I take them with me on any trip that'll involve lots of walking/hiking. Thanks for the other travel shoe suggestions. I'll check some of them out.

Portland, OR

Posted by Gina
Pensacola, FL, United States
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Someone asked earlier about the lightweight shoes (Maryjanes, etc). As a 57 yo traveler, and nurse who pounds the floors all day I will say YES, they are my choice! I discovered this year that my "good" shoes were causing my feet to be tired because they were too heavy. I got rid of my expensive Merrels, and only have two type of walking shoes now for work and travel. Favorite for sightseeing is Naturalizer BZees, Maryjane style. I even use them on the treadmill. I'll also be taking along a pair of my lightweight Skeechers Go Walk. I have several Go Walk, and will never go back to heavy shoes. Just have to decide which ones to take on my next trip to Spain. My Lace up tennis shoes are so comfortable I can fly through a 12 hour work shift in them without throbbing feet. I also have some dressy flats I wear often and love for comfort. I will confess, I have flat feet so all my shoes have gel inserts if I plan to wear them long. The Go Walk are quite comfortable as slip-ons without socks though. If you notice when shopping, many of the sport shoes makers are also making lighter shoes. I'm convinced weight is a factor in comfort. Weight of course makes a difference in packing, especially if you only do carry-ons as I do.

Posted by jmdl36
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I have worn Clark's all over Europe. Never has a Clark shoe rubbed a blister on my feet, and I have worn them for years. Sometimes I have trouble finding a Clark that is stylish, but I keep looking and then buy navy and black.


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Keens and Aetrix. We took a trip three week trip to Italy and France in July last year. It was hot, hot, hot. We did not rent a car until the last five days. The rest were spent on our feet. I took only two pair of shoes. One was the Keen Rose sandal with a closed toe. I have gotten so many complements on those because they don't look at all like the clunky Keens we typically see. The other was the Aetrex Lori adjustable quarter strap sandal. This one is open toe, super light weight, and has adjustable straps over the forefoot and the heel with velcro closures so you can adjust them easily when your feet swell by the end of a hot day on cobblestone. They are much more open than the Keen but have a very comfortable foot bed and stay on securely. I even wore the Keen sandals on the dirt and rock trail through Cinque Terre towns. Both shoes were extremely comfortable and my feet were never unhappy in spite of the long days walking and standing and sweating. When you spend a lot of money on a vacation, why would you be looking for a good deal on shoes. Spend a little more money on shoes that will make you forget about your feet because they are so comfortable!

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I just got home from a 4-week trip through Europe. I spent most of my time in a pair of Taos sandals. I even did the trek from Vernazza to Corniglia in Italy's Cinque Terre in these sandals, and that is a lot of walking, climbing steps and descending. These sandals have a comfortable foot bed, good arch support and require no breaking in. They even have a little bling on them so they can be dressed up if needed. I had a good pair of Clarks that are enclosed for the few times it rained, but my Taos sandals were my default shoes. I never had any shoe/feet problems (which can ruin a trip), and we did plenty of walking through four different countries.

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In Europe, I wanted the support of actual sneakers that didn't look like white "American" sneakers. I wore the Montrail Mountain Masochist (purchased at a hiking store) with padded sneaker sox. We covered 8 - 9 miles per day with never a blister or bruise. They were grey/blue in color. I also brought along my favorite Keen "Whisper" sandals. They have a fisherman's style to them, with a closed toe box. You can wear as sandals, water shoes, or even with cute sox, and they look good with skirts. I didn't like them as well as the Montrails on cobblestones, though. They're great for flat streets. I also travel with a pair of Croc flip-flops (with the nubbles on the soles). They are my house shoes, shower shoes, pool shoes, etc. The nubbles feel great after a long day of walking!

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My favorite travel shoe is the Arcopedico Shawna from Comfort One Shoes. It is a pump style with an elastic strap that works perfectly with pants or skirts. High quality product with style.

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Skechers Go Walk are the best thing that ever happened to my wide feet with high arches (from youth ballet) whose skin seems to scrape off all too easily. I have 3 pairs of Go Walk (black, cream & dark gray with freakin' amazing tie-dye candy-colored sole) & am addicted to wearing them traveling abroad as well as commuting daily by 3 forms of public transit in NYC. Go Walk are light as feathers, smoooooooth on the inside (haven't worn socks in like a year), very attractive, versatile with many clothing styles, sole is high enough to give me some extra stature, fabric uppers conform happily, resist rain & don't even seem to get dirty (thought I'd have to wash them, but still don't need to after many months & foot-miles). Plus, I never feel like, Oh jeez, get these things OFF me ~ it's like I'm barefoot, but supported, cradled, comfortably coddled. 3 other styles of Skechers started off so comfy but within a year or 2 I hated the shoes, but not Go Walk. Very disappointed in the Tony Little version mainly due to its heel cup, much too deep for an ankle bone only 2 inches from my arch (very hard to accommodate). I buy Go Walk from Kohl's in-store or online, when I have a 30%-off coupon.

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Summer sandal - KEEN's Emerald City 3-point sandal. Wear it dressed up or down. Unbelievably comfortable. http://www.keenfootwear.com/product/shoes/women/emerald-city-3-point

Ballet flat- Attilio Giusti Leombruni toe-cap ballet flat. Expensive, but so worth it! I bought the tan color and can wear with just about everything!! http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/attilio-giusti-leombruni?origin=productBrandLink

A great riding boot - goes well with dresses, pants, leggings - Ecco, naturalizer and others make comfy ones. Wear with those comfy socks others are suggesting.

Happy feet = happy travels. Add a bit of style and it's 4 star travel!

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I have tried many of the brands mentioned over time. I love Merrell's, but they do not come in wide; so that limits the consumer they can serve. I now wear Clark's - so comfortable and good urban shoes as well with pants. Some RS trips are more rugged; so for my Scotland trip, I also got New Balance hiking sneakers in tan/brown. They were not garish and gave me the extra support when climbing on trails. Definitely lighter than hiking boots. I am also a Keen fan, but only wear those at home - I don't like to wear sandals on trips.
For socks, I like Thorlo's and LL Bean socks that have reinforced toes/heels.

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Just got back from five weeks in Paris. Averaging six to eight miles per day walking. In the past I always wore high end expensive walking shoes and got blisters etc. this time for some reason although I did take those shoes I barely wore them. Instead I wore a pair of toms espridrilles. I never got sore feet, they basically are like walking barefoot and I never got one blister or callus. I was shocked. All those years wearing big clunky ugly travel shoes. I'm 70 don't walk very fast but walk. I took metros, climbed hill to sacre coeur, climbed staircases at chateau Vincennnes all with not a problem. Half the young women in Paris seemed to have some variation of my toms shoes. I wore those others one day in a rainstorm. That's the one and only time I felt like an old lady.

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Wow, lots of suggestions but no one mentioned Chaco!!! I have two pair. One looks like an old styled tennis shoe with incredible support! The other is a closed toe sandal type and their support system and strap are guaranteed for life. Everyday, whether it matches the outfit or not I change shoes. Generally, I wear socks, especially if it is an all day outing and I haven't had a blister in years. I just bought my first pair of Keen's, wearing around town so far has been great! I do take an extra pair of small Clark clogs for airport maneuvering especially for easy slip in and out at security also as my feet swell on the long flights I can slip the clog off (I don't have smelly feet!) Happy Travels!

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I recently returned from a 2 week Adriatic tour with 3 extra days in Rome. I wore my Ryka Fisherman Sandals 18 hours a day for the entire 18 days! My feet felt grand. No blisters, no socks and for the first time I did not use my orthotic inserts. I got my Ryka's at QVC and when I returned from this tour I ordered 2 more pair in different colors. Can't say enough about their comfort!

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I just returned from two weeks in France and wanted to report that my new Clark's were like walking on pillows! I prefer a dressier shoe vs tennis shoes or hiking sandals and the Clark's were just the ticket. I need a lot of cushioning and the Clarks have a well padded foot bed and a cork sole. Despite walking miles, my feet never hurt one time. I also have had good luck with Dansko brand shoes which are again, a little dressier so don't scream "tourist!"

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I have narrow feet and love my New Balance 928 walking shoes. They and my Naot sandals made walking all over Poland easy. Also, I have excellent orthotics (made by a true master) and they make walking in anything perfect.

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My favorite shoes of all time for travel and at home are Orthoheel or Vionic with Orthoheel technology. Most shoe stores and department stores have them, as well as the online websites. They are endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil, and come in all manner of men's and women's styles. Of course, a excellent pair of socks for your shoes is also a great idea.

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By chance I found my Naot mary-janes on sale. I wore them all over France, including climbing all the steps at Mont-
St. Michel, and had no problems. They are a bit clunky-looking but comfortable.

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My favorite travel shoe is Ecco Yucatan sandals. If I take them on a cool weather trip I wear socks with them. On my upcoming October trip I will also take my New Balance Country Walkers. For dressy occasions/dinner, etc. flats will be the choice. I tried Ecco Mary Janes (really hate that look) and they fell apart after one trip.

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Eascribn, which style Clarks did you buy? I really need a shoe with good cushioning.

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Before a two week trip to Italy in May I needed to find a pair of comfortable walking shoes with good support that were also stylish. I wear a Wide and also have plantar fasciitis. After a lot of research I found the Munro Tori in taupe metallic kid leather with taupe suede trim. I received lots of compliments on them and they handled the cobblestones and hours walking beautifully. I own other styles of Munros because of their great arch support. My only regret is that based on some online reviews that said this style runs small, I ordered an Extra-Wide instead of a Wide. The Wide would have been fine. I made them work by wearing thicker than normal walking socks. I agree with previous posts about the need for good socks. I've found Thorlo to be a really good brand.

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My favorite are light weight Merrill hiking shoes, with a good pair of socks and I always put Vaseline on my feet.


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Headed to Africa for safari in october --- shoes become different challenge than what I've needed in past trips to Europe. We don't need hiking shoes, but need sturdy & protective footware, as well as waterproof shoes for showers & possible/probable water crossings. I have a wide toe & narrow heel, size 7, with high arches - so support is crucial. I'm also 74 years old & have long since given up traveling with skirts, or worrying about style. I want comfort & safety. Luggage restrictions this trip mean I can't take many pairs -- so I've chosen my old reliable SAS "Roamer"-style velcro strap, ventilated top & closed toe walking shoes (which go easily through TSA checkpoints). Am deciding between SAS mesh "Tour" style laceups, or Sketcher's slipon loafer for an alternate shoe. Water shoe is easy - cheap BlueFin slipons, which can be left behind at trip end. Any suggestions on other options would be welcome.
One comment on sandals: living in Arizona's southern desert means sandals are an everyday choice 9 months out of the year; SAS are the only brand I've found which consistently fit my feet. The stores always have wide sizes; they are a quality AMERICAN hand-made product (go see their factory in San Antonio!), with styles & colors that take me from church to grocery store. "Winter" in the desert brings out my SAS lace-ups & socks, which lets me break in the shoes that will go with me on trips where walking on cobblestones, through museums & off-on buses & boats tests my own stamina as well as my shoes!

I bought a pair of Jambu Ocean sandals last year to take to Greece and then ended up not taking them. This year at the last minute before a trip to the Amalfi Coast, I threw the sandals in my backpack. They worked out great. They protected my toes, were stable on uneven surfaces, and were extremely comfortable. One day I walked 11 miles on the island of Ischia and had no problem. I ended up wearing them more than the other shoes I had packed. I am headed to Spain in October and bought the Jambu Blossom. Superga sneakers were recommended and so I will give them a try on the Spain trip. I think the Jambu are a bit more feminine than Keen since they are a lower profile. When I was in Italy last month I saw a lot of people wearing Birkenstock Gizeh. Had I known, I would have packed mine. I found the Gizeh to be terribly uncomfortable until I wore them for awhile, but once broken in, I find them very comfortable.

When traveling in the cold I take a pair of Ariat waterproof clog/shoes. They are not a fashion statement but they worked great walking up a snow covered road to Neuschwanstein Castle.

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I too wear mostly dresses when I travel and was looking for a sandal that would deal with my plantar fasciitis and would also be fashionable. FitFlop brand sandals to the rescue. They have a firm arch support that takes away any pain from plantar fasciitis and they come in many fashion forward styles and colors. A salesman in a corrective shoe store told me about them. I love them and now have 5 pair in different colors and styles. I also have a pair of slip-on Merrill's that I added Powerstep Pinnacle orthotics to... which you can buy online for about $35. I sprayed waterproofing on the shoes and wear them in cooler and inclement weather and they have been extremely comfortable as well.

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After loving my Naots (which I mentioned earlier)...we did a long weekend trip to Boston in June and the ones I had planned on taking in Sept just weren't up to the job any longer for all day on-my-feet wear. We have an upcoming trip in 3 weeks, and I debated taking one of my other Naot sandals that have a little higher wedge - but I have a bit of a hike planned from Ravello to Atrani and could just see a twisted ankle in my future. After looking for something for a few months, I decided on a pair of Teva Tirra sandals. They are a little more casual then I was hoping, but I think I can get away with them with my dressier capris as they are a little 'strappy-er' then your basic Teva (well, I just don't care - they are gonna have to work, I'm only taking one pair of sandals). They have the spider rubber for good grip, waterproof nubuck so if they get wet, they won't get ruined (they also do a nylon), adjustable straps, nice arch support, anti-microbial so they shouldn't smell. I ordered them as no stores locally sell them. Just got them today and have been wearing them around the house. They feel pretty darn good. I'll give an update here after spending a few weeks in them in Italy!

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I have tried many of the shoes mentioned by other travelers--Merrill Encore in Ireland in the aftermath of a hurricane (warm and dry), Ecco T-strap and Yucatan sandals, Merrill hiking shoes for mountains, cities, Cinque Terre, etc. Those all worked well, but last year I took some Bernie Mevs for my non-hiking shoes. It was late August-early September in northern Italy and it was hot when we weren't in the mountains. My Bernies were great--extremely lightweight, cushy, and with a grippy sole that looks like a sports shoe. This year, I will have to wear orthotics due to some foot problems, but I've been wearing them all summer to get ready, and everything works well together. I always throw in a pair of Tevas or other supportive flip-flops--they are good in the hotel room, plus I've had to wear them on two trips when I got blisters from other shoes (not mentioned above).

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Does anyone wear the same kind of shoes? This thread looks like 81 posts and 81 different shoes.

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I bought Ecco flats that look great with dresses or jeans. Wore them three weeks straight in France this spring and literally walked over a hundred miles in them. Best purchase ever! Took a favourite pair of Sketchers too but landed up not wearing them ;)

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@Kent -- good question! I have 2 pair of Keens sandals, 4 pair of SAS little-old-lady lace-ups, some winter boots, sneakers... so from 81 posts there are hundreds of recommended brands but many of us DO wear the same brand. Or at least own the same brand.

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Laura, thank you for addressing my question, I was becoming concerned about whether the women's shoe manufacturers of the world would be able to stay in business if each American woman traveler wears a different shoe!

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For the summer I've found a wonderful sandal by Vionics with velcro straps so no buckling and unbuckling needed. They also have a fancy flip flop beach sandal that is a bit more dressy for the city. Good arch support and good tread for uneven pavement.

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Just a thought after reading everyone's comments. The last trip that I've made to Europe was on the Camino de Santiago, these boots will not apply to any of you who are touring in the cities. What I wanted to share is my discovery of foot problem and the new found pair of shoes that I love. Third of the way through the Camino, my feet gave me unbearable pain and couldn't continue the walk. I found out later that I had Plantar Fasciitis. I work on my feet at least 8 hours a day and now my feet are wider and bunions are bigger...not pretty. Shopping on Zappo's and reading review about these shoes, I bought a pair of Alegria classic for a start. The moment that my feet went inside of these shoes, they just went....ahhhhh! They are the only pair that I wear now and getting ready to buy another non-slip on pair and hope to take them to Europe with me. They have many attractive styles, I highly recommend them for people with foot problems because the footbed has nice cushion to them unlike Dansko.

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I took 3 pairs on my last trip as I do best when I change shoes. I took a pair of Anyi Lu "Linda" black wedge sandals for museums, dinners and a night at the opera. I had a pair of red skater Vans for hikes and casual days. My main stay was a pair of apricot flat "Bon Bon" slip ons by The Flexx. Like butter with cushioned souls and rubber bottoms that can take on the streets but look much nicer with skirts and slacks than sneakers. Happy walking!

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I traveled for two weeks in June to France and Italy with two pairs of shoes, the Keen's Rose sandal and a pair of Clark Privo sandals. I wore dresses mostly and found both to look nice, however the Clark's were a bit dressier. For me, I needed adjustable straps around my ankles with good toe protection while being comfortable and attractive. Both pairs of shoes hit the mark for me.

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Thanks to all for your posts. I headed to my neighborhood mall to find my travel shoes and proceeded to try on every brand mentioned -yes I was able to find them all except the London brand. I ended up with three pairs (!) A pair of low Ecco Sculptured Sign sandals that are stylish and amazingly comfortable, a pair of Clark Privo Acacia-which will be my main shoe, and a pair of Ecco Sculptured 65 Strappy dress sandals with a 2.6" heel that are very comfortable and prefect for occasional dressier events. I bought all three at the nearby outlet mall and got an incredible deal. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

I have been wearing the Clarks around my house and they are wonderful. I've worn the low Ecco sandal out and about and my feet are very happy. I'm a ballroom dancer so I beat up my feet. They are in heaven now. I highly recommend the Clarks. And if you need a dressier shoe definitely check out the Ecco. They will accompany me to Italy next month!


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No one has mentioned Vionics. I just got a pair of Vionic sandals for a 6 week trip to Europe from Amazon. The woman who sells them is Shoe Gal. She was very understanding about the problem with sizes and I was able to email her and ask for a 39, even though they are sold in American sizes. Fortunately the European size is on the bottom. They arrived the day before a trip to LA and fit beautifully. They have 4 velcro straps, but are not clunky looking, and the soles are very squishy. I got the ones the are black 'snakeskin'. I walked 8 miles in them the next day with not one blister! And they were only $35! I don't know how well they will hold up but for that price and the comfort if they only last through this one trip it was money well spent.

Posted by Ginger
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I was trying to read through the recommendations, and then add several of the shoes on Zappos. Haven't bought yet.

Not looking for sandals, but more "water/weather proof" type shoes for end of October in Amsterdam. Any suggestions? I have achilles tendon issues, and am trying to find a good pair of walking shoes that doesn't look like hiking boots. Will not be wearing skirts or dresses (only jeans and slacks), so hope this is helpful for suggestions.

Posted by Lo
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Go to Gore-Tex.com and select "women" for over 200 weather appropriate shoes. Most are not the style you want, but there are many that might be

Posted by Kent
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Complaints have been received that there are not enough posts here on Women's Travel Shoes.
Another 93 posts would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Okay - I'll add post #94. I just got my package from Amazon - a pair of Clarks Wave Treks. Got them on sale - even better!! So far they feel pretty good. Have great support and are waterproof. Plan on wearing them for our Christmas Market tour in France, Germany and Prague in early December.

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One can never have too many shoes or posts about shoes! ; ). I love this thread.
Keep 'um coming!

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I've struggled with comfortable footwear for a reconstructed foot that now has a bit of arthritis as well as occasional swelling. (But it hasn't grounded my European travels!) For this summer's active trip to France and Italy with young adults in tow, I packed Keen Venice athletic sandals (in lieu of the clunkier New Balance walking shoes usually along), Merrell Agave sandals and Italian Fly Flot Stanza sandals. All worked terrifically to give support and cushioning across the many miles of walking, and the Merrell Agaves looked heat with dresses. Have already purchased a new pair for 2015 travels.

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I violated my own rule of always wearing socks with shoes when travelling and developed a huge blister on my recent trip to Vienna and Budapest--I thought taping some moleskin on my heel would help just in case but instead seemed to be the cause of the blister. My other shoes were comfy boots but they were making my feet tired so I ended up buying a great pair of "comfort shoes" at Humanic in Vienna, an Austrian brand called Legero. Soft leather in a sneaker-style, great arch support and oh-so-comfy, they truly saved my trip.

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I'm 67 going on RS 17 day Italy tour. I have a high arch, I wear Abeo sandals with built in arch support. Also for foot odor, use some Purell between your toes everyday.

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Just returned from 2 weeks in Italy. Keens Rose sandals were perfect on cobblestones, standing for hours in the Vatican. Wore them every day.

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Forgive me if I'm the last one to the party, but I'm a bit surprised that I haven't seen cross-trainer-style sneakers mentioned here, i.e. your everyday Nike, Adidas, etc. Is there a reason that cross-trainers aren't suitable for pounding the cobbles in Europe? Structurally unsuitable? Too informal for cathedrals?

I am planning my first-ever Europe trip for September 2015, am in my late-20's, and am a bit of a fashion fiend on a budget. Sneakers/tennis shoes are having a major fashion moment right now, so I am thinking of using my black-and-white Nike Total Core TR's as my everyday Europe shoe. They are lightweight, super-comfy (my go-to for 5K runs), and do not have a bulky profile. (I would also have a pair of nice flats or wedges for nice dinners and events.) Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Posted by Pam
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I posted upthread in April and have since done a couple of weeks in Ireland and Eastern Belgium and am now in the middle of a RS tour marathon. I have seen cross trainers/tennis shoes/whatever you want to call them ~everywhere~ including London, Amsterdam to Rome, and on to Paris. I am old, so not your age or fashion forward. I've worn my Altra Zero Drop shoes everywhere and actually saw someone else on the street in Paris with my same model of shoes. I'm not into eating at expensive restaurants but in every place I've been there has been a variety of dress. Cathedrals and churches don't really care what you have on your feet as long as you are not barefoot.

The Altras have been wonderful including 10-12 mile days a number of times. They got soaked in rain in Southern Germany but dried in a couple of hours. My only complaint is they are wearing out too soon. The liner in the heel is already frayed.

Take your cross trainers and be comfortable!

Posted by Sue
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm still looking! I've ordered no less than 8 pairs from Zappos and Amazon. I've given up on finding something comfortable and warm and waterproof. I'll probably go with the Clark's Wave Trek. Seems to be the most comfortable so far - and it's waterproof. I have purchased some warm merino wool socks, so hopefully will be okay for warmth.

Will let you know how everything works out

Thanks again.

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Hi, just returned from a wonderful trip to Switzerland and Italy. I planned to wear my Rose Sandal Keen shoes again but instead brought my Keen mauve leather sandals, similar to their H2 sandal design, since I was planning to just wear pants & capris on this trip.

The reason I'm posting again is to share that I am so glad that I brought a sandal with total toe protection. There were three times when I really bonked the toe part of my sandal on the hiking trail in Switzerland, a step ledge of an uneven door, and rocks at Ostia Antica and know that it would have broken toe(s). Instead, we were off and running since these sandals have a thick rubber toe cover.

Posted by Scarlett
Fairfield, Connecticut
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Wow, this thread is so helpful! I'm leaving for a 2-week tour of Spain and Portugal in 2 weeks, and since the Ecco sandals I bought months ago haven't proven very comfortable and it will be a tad chillier than I thought in late October, I'm back to square one. I should have gotten the Keen Rose sandal that everyone has raved about! But of course, I'd still need a warmer shoe anyway.

Question--for anyone who has worn the Clarks Wave Trek. I'm going to seek it out and try it on tomorrow, but do you find it too heavy? I have hiking boots already but wouldn't consider bringing them to Europe because they're bulky and way too stiff--your feet feel imprisoned in them! May be worth it when climbing over rocks but for everyday sightseeing, I'm afraid that the Wave Trek shoes will be too stiff and unyielding (not to mention heavy). Can anyone confirm or deny?

I'm also considering getting a pair of the Sketchers Go Walk since they're so cheap, and just shoving them in my bag anyway. I'm not convinced they'll provide enough arch support (I, too, have high arches from ballet) but they're worth a go and the reviews online seem overwhelmingly positive.


Posted by Diana
Michigan, United States
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I have the Go Walks and added an inexpensive gel insole to them. They worked beautifully and were very comfortable for long walks in Paris last year.

Posted by rbovine1
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What a great thread! After foot reconstruction due to bunion and hammertoe surgery, I have explored almost all types of comfort shoes. We are headed to Amsterdam and I am thinking about the best options of footwear. After reading this thread, I am ordering the Ahnu Karma in black to give it a try. They really look like they can go with anything, and they are available at 6pm.com which is Zappos outlet store. To add to the list of travel shoes, I must mention Arcopedico L18 for those with foot issues that demand comfort for bunions. The Arcopedico brand has a Techno-Elastic upper, an anatomic footbed, and a twin arch support system. In the past, my trusty Ecco mary janes stomped all over the Med and held up well.
Also, I love Munro American Grace for booties and Helle Comfort Bono shoes for a bit of a dressier look when I can't stand the "old lady" shoes any longer. These will take you to dressy affairs with shoe flair and your feet will thank you!

Posted by suepow
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I found Skechers Go Walk shoes to be excellent for a recent two week trip to Slovenia and Croatia. They slip on and off easily for getting through airport security, plus have enough tread and cushioning for walking on cobblestones and uneven ground. Come in a variety of colors.
Sue P.

Posted by Marywoo
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I found a site called walking shoe guide, theres a list of walking shoes for travel and many shoe reviews. I, personally like chaco sandals for summer, in winter I use Palmera boots.