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Women’s narrow shoes

I need recommendations from all AAA and AA women. You know who you are😊. Shoes and sandals for three weeks in Italy.

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You might try SAS. I have the opposite problem: I wear 11 W. SAS has a lot more styles than most people think, and a wide range of widths and sizes. And they're made in the US of A, if that matters to you.

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Munro Shoes carry very narrow widths. They offer more casual styles and are made in the US. Life savers for me! Their sandals work well for me and I wear the black patent leather ones as dress shoes when I travel in warmer months. They have been to Italy several times!

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That's me. Not only narrow but also long. I always buy SAS shoes and sandals and New Balance running shoes.

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Clark offers some shoes and sandals in narrow.
Also, take a look at the website for Worishofer ,German made sandals. I have worn their style 550
for over 10 years. They fit me like custom made.
It is an amazing feeling.
Unfortunately, the 550 is no longer made. At some point I will try a new style.
Was told by an orthopedist that my long, narrow feet were known as Cleopatra feet and while flattering,
it is a challenge to shod them!
Good luck.

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I, too, have narrow feet but not AAA/S. I can wear some Naot sandals if they have the hook/loop closures. I have the Enid and Karenna styles and love them. They have excellent support and good grip on the bottom. I can wear them all day and walk on various surfaces with them. If you order from Zappos, they have free delivery and free returns if they do not fit or you do not like them. Shoes are a bit more difficult than sandals as I have more issues with them because I wear a 6 1/2 so if they do not come in half sizes, I have to size up to a 7 so more difficult to find shoes that fit me well. I would be interested in others' answers.

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Another vote for SAS shoes. I own several pairs and they are superb for walking. You can order them directly from SAS online. Zappos also carries them. But if you have a SAS store in your vicinity, that's the best way to determine which width works best for you. (I mostly wear narrow, but in some styles I need a slim.)

They're a bit dear in cost -- $120-$200. But they are made in America and the quality/materials are excellent.