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Walking Womens' Sandals to Greece in May that I Won't Slip on the Stone Surfaces

Looking for a womens' sandal for our trip to Greece that has good tread as not to slip on the uneven, stone surfaces. There are many hill towns and archaeological sites with loose gravel. I need a sandal with good arch support and wide toe area for my bunion as well. Could you recommend a shoe for this trip ?

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Have you looked at Keens? They fit all your descriptors. Could look on Zappos - that way you could order and return without cost (or if you live near an REI or EMS they may have some this early in the season)

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The one time I wear sneakers in Europe is for
touring ancient archeological sites in Greece and Turkey. There will be broken pieces of columns strewn about. Safety is important.
I had a bad accident wearing my Ecco sandals
in Greece at an ancient site, slipped and fell on barbed wire.

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I swear by my Keen sandals.

Hike in them in Griffith Park in LA. Wear about town and at work.

Have 3 different pairs for 3 different looks.

Venice, Newport and Uneek. Lightweight and durable. Not cheap but all pairs listed above are over 3 years old and look like new.

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When we went 4 years ago I wore Tevas Sandals, which were perfect for tromping through ruin sites and to wear on the beach/in the water. You should also check out Chaco's. They're also perfect for uneven, slippery slopes and water use. Plus, they have excellent arch support. I've recently retired my Tevas and strictly wear Chaco's now.

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Another vote for Keen’s sandals, especially for the foot you’re describing. I’ve worn that brand during European trips since our second RS tour back in 2006. They have an excellent tread for uneven cobblestones and slippery surfaces. And the toe protection has saved me from a couple of times that I know I would have broken a toe with regular sandals. I’ve even used them for a water shoe one time when I needed protection.

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I think you are very proactive in researching the best shoe as a preventative. When we took the RS Greece Tour in 2017, I found that my Asics sneakers had a good tread that saved me from falling. They did not fail me on the slippery surfaces at the Acropolis, uneven steps, and hiking on loose gravel.

A light weight hiking shoe with a good tread may be worth looking at as well. I have worn Keen's Newport (years ago) for negotiating hill towns and cobblestones in Italy. They have great toe coverage, tread and very comfortable.

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Keens have been my 'go to sandal' for years! I even prefer them over my Tevas. I'm planning on wearing them on my up-coming trip to Europe this summer. I love the fit and style and they have great coverage for my toes. I've used them for several whitewater rafting trips over the last 8 years, in and out of the water. I would recommend ordering a 1/2 size bigger than what you usually wear. You won't be sorry.

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Another vote for Keen sandals.

I like my Rose Keen sandals with covered toes.

Have a wonderful trip!

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I'm on my second pair of Tevas (first pair were the Tirra, 2nd pair are the Verra). If you decide to go that route, they have a few different 'levels' of sandal (at least, they did). If you look for the ones with 'spider rubber' they have more grip on the bottom. Adjustable front straps to make them fit to your foot better, back/ankle strap for more support, I find them really comfy and live in them all summer. Also not an issue if they get wet, which is good because more than a few times I was dipping my hot feet into rivers and fountains.

I haven't had Keens, but I did sell shoes for 12 yrs, and people really enjoyed their Keens. Definitely get the sandals a few mos out and try them out at home before you travel.

My only comment on loose gravel - as someone who wore clogs on holiday a few times, getting gravel into them was annoying as it was a pain as the a$$ getting the rocks out. If you had a pair of closed toe Keens, that may pose a problem/annoyance. And you might be better off having a sturdy pair of shoes - we did Mt Vesuvius years ago and the way up was really loose gravel/dirt - had I been wearing sandals, it would have been horrid for my feet - luckily I had my Blundstone boots.

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I like Chaco sandals. Some of their soles are made for hiking and I do also get compliments that they are cute. I've found them to be good on wet surfaces. I have a wide fore foot, and I wear the styles that do NOT have the toe loop. Some of the Chacos also come in a wide, but I usually just wear their regulars and adjust the straps. (Their website also has instructions on how to adjust the various straps.) One other thing I like is that you can easily rinse them out to clean them. This was a lifesaver when wearing them one August in Rome.