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Walking shoes narrow feet

I have very narrow feet and need shoes for tour of Scotland. I’d like something that would work with shorts or jeans.

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I also have narrow feet. (Not small ones, just narrow ones) I have worn Munro shoes and Soft Walk shoes very successfully in multiple trips.
I also wear them at home. I bought mine at Nordstrom's because they will take returns if you wear them and they bother you. No questions asked. I have returned other brands to them but never had to return these brands. Hope you have a great time!

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I have a narrow-ish foot and really like Ecco's leather sneaker-oxford styles; stylish yet also cute as some have contrasting laces, comes in basic colors and some fun ones. I have the Soft 7 and also Chase styles, Nordstrom, Zappos and Amazon all carry them. Some malls have Ecco stores if you want to try in person. With a Smartwool low sock they are perfect in summer for long bouts of walking.

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I love SAS shoes here in Texas. I have a narrow heel and large toe-box, and they have all sizes and widths to help fit you well. Just returned from a two week Spain trip, and my feet did not suffer one bit! Be sure to purchase something for walking. Mine laced up snugly and held my foot, and sole did not slip at all on cobblestones. Wore them with shorts, pants and capris.

(posted by my wife, not me. I don't wear capris.)

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The only walking shoes that work for my very narrow feet are Munro. They cost a lot but they are prefect for me and I have walked many miles ,all over the world , in them.

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You don't say when you're going to Scotland, but you may not need those shorts.

Also you don't say what kind of "tour" you're taking. You may need some waterproof walking boots or shoes depending on how much time you'll spend walking on pavement, cobblestones, gravel, sand, grass or in the rain, in the mud or through puddles. I experienced all those conditions on my trip to England and Scotland May 1 - June 12 last year.

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I am constantly plagued by trying to find good walking shoes for my narrow feet. I recently bought Aravon walking shoes and they are great.

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I second Ken's advice about SAS. I don't have narrow feet - quite the contrary. (Our Dad used to tell me and my sister that we should throw out the shoes and just wear the boxes. Ouch!)

But I've been impressed with the range of sizes and widths SAS has. I wear 11 W, and can always find something that fits me at SAS. My DH has narrow feet with no arch at all, and he can find something at SAS.

And, they're made in the US of A! SAS stands for San Antonio Shoes.

In case you can't tell, I'm a big fan. If there's no SAS store near you, some shoe stores and department stores carry them, but they may not have the full range of sizes.

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I'll second the vote for Ecco leather lace-ups. I have a narrow heel and very flat foot, but with big toes that turn up at the tip and need a shoe that allows enough room there and isn't pointed or sloping down into the sole. The US makes that others have mentioned aren't much distributed in Australia, so I can't make comparisons.

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Allen-Edmonds and Alden are both excellent sources. Most Ferragamos come in narrows, though you might have to hit up their boutiques to find them.