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Walked for 2 weeks in comfort !

I brought two pairs of shoes with me for my visit to Vienna (and other cities) because the oringinal weather forecasts showed rain, and I felt that I could not afford to just bring one pair of shoes if they got wet.

But since it was dry, I wore only one pair of shoes, and left the other pair bagged in suitcase. The pair I wore worked like a miracle, for my plantar fasciitis, and heel pain - THERE WAS TOTAL COMFORT!

I purchased CHAMPION Bungee Ramp shoes from Payless for $30, and added Dr. Scholls's 16 hour comfort insoles (they are green). This combo worked like a charm. I walked in comfort AND attended a very fancy formal gourmet evening at the Vienna Art History museum. The shoes looked FINE for this formal event because I wore black crepe pants and a crimson satin blouse, and no one could really see my shoes.

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Glad you found comfy shoes, especially at such a good price! Having shoes that don't hurt your feet is so important.

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Shelley, thanks for this tip. I looked these shoes up online and they have bottoms like my favorite Skechers, so I can imagine they were comfy and had excellent traction. I believe strongly that you don't have to spend a fortune to get shoes that work for you. We also live in the Central Valley, and my feet feel strangled when not in sandals. :) For that reason I don't want to spend a lot of money on closed-in walking shoes I might wear just for one trip. I will check these out for sure.