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Vivaia Shoes

I am interested in purchasing flat Mary Jane type shoes for my upcoming trip to Italy in April. I found some flats by Vivaia that look comfortable and provide some support.

I was wondering if anyone has purchased shoes from this company before and if so specifically their Tamia Walker or Margo Walker Mesh brand shoes.

Thank you in advance!

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I haven't, but I spent some time looking into them when a certain shoe caught my eye. Made in China and reviews didn't seem great. I passed.
Would be interested if anybody here has bought them.

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I think these are the ones that have been popping up in my FB feed...before I just googled them, lol. Now they'll be every other add instead of every 10th ad.

Will be interesting to see how they work for you!

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I tried them on and, for ME, they wouldn't work. Keen does make a very similar style that is MUCH more comfortable for me on cobblestone == of course, everyone's foot is different- so you really need to walk in them -- don't go by what we say. Keen & Hoka Bondi8 are my favorite shoes for Europe. But others love Sketchers (which are NO support to ME). Shoes fit everyone's foot so differently.

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I ordered some and had to send them back since even though I followed the measuring instructions the shoes were both too short and too wide at the same time. Might work better for people with wide feet?

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6590 posts really need to walk in them -- don't go by what we say.

This!!! There are so many shoes out there and so many different feet. If you're interested in them, try them out (first check their return policy!) and if they work, then great! If not, send them back and try again.

Just curious, but are you looking for a shoe that you will wear throughout the day as you walk many many miles? if so, I would definitely opt for something sturdier and more comfortable for long walks. If you're just looking for something to wear in the evening or for a short walk, they would probably work.

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Hi Mardee,

Thank you for your response.

I am looking for a shoe that I can wear throughout the day. I generally wear flats and Mary Janes everyday and wore them on my last RS tour in 2019. I do not like, nor are comfortable, in traditional tennis shoes/sneakers.
I am also on the younger side of this forum's age demographics, so as such I do not have chronic leg/knee or feet issues (thank goodness). I am more concerned about my feet swelling which is what attracted me to this brand.

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Hello All!

I want to thank you for your replies! I found one of the two brands of Vivaia shoes on Amazon so I ordered them (they arrive today). I will test them out and let you all know whether I am happy with these shoes!

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For years, I used a pair of Mary Jane type Clark's. I sprayed them with waterproofing. I actually had two pair of the same style. They worked great.

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I purchased their Yaffa pointed toe knot sandals and had to return for a half size larger as the length was too short. Very comfortable and their customer service was excellent. I see you purchased directly from Amazon. Would like to hear how the Mary Jane style works for you.

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Just to update everyone. I returned both pairs of shoes that I received from Vivaia. They were too narrow (and I do not have super-wide feet) and were uncomfortable. My search continues..............

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Like others huge fan of the Keen brand of shoes. Had horrible plantar fasciitis until I bought my first pair of Keens at an REI. Within 24 hours the plantar fasciitis disappeared. Never to return. The sandal that was the “ cure “ was a pair of Newport sandals in red. Still have them, still wear them.

I own and wear these Keens: 2 pair Uneek sandals, 1 pair Newport sandals, 1 pair Targhee slip on, 1 pair Presidio lace ups, 1 pair Howser and 1 pair of Voyager.

Not inexpensive but each pair have provided comfort, stability and nary a blister.

Love my Keens.

As you are in LA check out the REI stores. I buy at either the Northridge or Burbank stores.

The Voyagers have been to Utah, D.C., Pacific North West, London, Santa Fe and are worn on my daily hikes to the Griffith Observatory. The pair still looks like new.