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Sperry Duck Boots?

I'm looking at buying these for a trip to Germany in December. Any experience with them with regard to both warmth & comfortability for lots of walking?

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Everything Sperry puts out is good. But don't look for a lot of arch support in them.
I am now wearing Sketchers Ultra Go slip on's with memory foam insides. They may not be pretty, but they're ultra comfortable.
My other go to shoes are your typical boat shoes like Sperry sells so many of. But I switched over to Dockers' brand because they're half as expensive as Sperrys.

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I had a pair that were rain shoes but had identical sole to Duck Boots. I can't imagine them being ideal for lots of walking but people's feet vary --don't remember good arch support. Maybe with thick socks they would work for you.

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I had these years ago, not sure if they were Sperry brand or something similar but they were not good for lots of regular walking on hard flat surfaces. They were good for walking/hiking in the woods in winter but they were only warm when wearing with heavy wool socks. Now, maybe the newer ones or maybe the Sperry brand ones are a little more comfortable for all day walking but I'd make sure you get them soon enough to try them out for some long walking around town. They may work for you but sure didn't for me.

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I’m in the same category as Nancy. My experience with these rather flat footed, stiff boots is that they will get you through a wet walk on a wooded path but for hours of hard, cold pavement, even with good wool socks they may not be good for hours of city walking and standing. I’ve preferred a more flexible soft leather, good sole but water treated boot with a medium weight wool sock for hours of winter European city walking.

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For a winter trip to Germany/Austria I have used : Ecco leather walking shoes with two pair of wool socks to keep the cold from coming through thin soles; low boots from Costco (essentially flat, but with a 1" raised heel); low-cut hiking boots. Costco boots will go back with me this winter.
Since it's almost November, you might be better off using whatever comfortable shoes/boots you already own that have good traction on the soles and treating them for water resistance.

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I have a good pair of Northface hiking boots that I’ve walked all over Europe in the winter in. They have thick soles and treads, are waterproof and insulated. With a pair of Smartwool socks, my feet have stayed dry and warmin these boots. They work great on wet cobblestones.

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Duck boots are for wet, marshy, areas. Get something more comfortable. Ecco and Mephisto are big sellers in Germany because they work and are comfortable.

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Not a good choice for warmth or comfort. These are rain boots. If you are in a city, there is no need for boots. You are not trekking.

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These boots are very similar to the LL Bean boots. Definitely a boot for the fields, woods and marshes. Not for concrete, cobblestones etc. As stated in one of the earlier posts you might want to use a shoe that is already broken in rather than something new which can take some time to break in properly. When in December is your trip exactly?