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Rubber Shoes


So I ordered some Crocs Rio flats (ballet flats with a pointy toe, very chic for crocs!) and I love the way they look... but they squeak. I can't see walking down the Hall of Mirrors sounding like a duck quacking all the way. They squeak whether I am wearing tights or not :( it's so disappointing because my knees would have been so happy. Do I get over it and just squeak along?

I recently ordered some Melissa shoes in black. They haven't been delivered yet. They are jelly type shoes. I have a pair of pink ones I wore all day walking around San Diego once and I was pleasantly surprised back then at how comfy they were. I would love to hear if anyone has experience with these as a travel shoe. :)

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What time of year? My aversion to Crocs, or any other type of rubber shoe is that they don't breathe. Especially when you are in them for the majority of the day. For multiple days. Your feet sweat and the moisture has nowhere to go. Setting you up for fungal infections, not to mention blisters. And very rude sounding squishy noises with every step. Unless you're a "crocs with socks" kind of gal.

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The rubber soles of regular sport shoes can also squeak on some flooring, so you may not be alone in doing so in the Hall of Mirrors.

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For walking a lot in Europe, I would choose shoes other than Crocs, flip-flops or any rubber shoes or ballet flats. Better to leave those for the beach, swimming pool, or hotel room and wear walking shoes with support and cushioning. If you read through the Best Walking Shoes thread, you will see plenty of suggestions.

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I just checked that design, and you're right - very cute for a Croc shoe! I should let you know that I had a pair of ballet flats that were made by Crocs. I was really surprised to find that occasionally I would almost fall down when I was walking on a smooth surface with these shoes at work! I finally figured out that the rubber material was stopping instead of sliding with my foot movement at a certain angle. Other people on-line have reported the same issue. That being said, I did pack those shoes for one European trip to wear for a couple of evening events, but I held tightly onto my husband's arm, so I didn't accidently do a face-plant into the pavement. Be careful; you don't want to see your reflection on the floor at the Hall of Mirrors! ; )

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My sister recently took her well worn crocs as her second shoe on a five week European trip. They were totally unsuitable for tourist walking due to lack of support and sliding around on her feet when walking on cobblestones. She was miserable but thankfully had a decent pair of tennis shoes as backup. She spent the day at Tower of London trying to stay on the large pavers, limping and gimping around, missing some of the sights because her feet hurt so bad from lack of support that she had to just sit down on a bench. I can't imagine that the quality of shoe would vary that much from style to style of crocs. I'd personally never take such a shoe for a trip when I knew I would be walking and standing for hours.

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Do I get over it and just squeak along?

Your biggest issue is whether they'll provide you the needed comfort and support to walk in them all day assuming you're even accustomed to walking all day as opposed to being one who gets around by car.

Squeaking is not really an issue compared with pain.

I wear crocs when cooling off in lakes laden with rocks as opposed to sand.

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Squeaking is not really an issue compared with pain.

Isn't that the truth? However, it turns out the squeaking also translate into seriously annoying my husband. :)

My Melissa shoes came in the mail and they are of such a lower profile than my other ones they simply will not work. I broke down and ordered the Ireland style of Cobb Hill sandal. I may purchase another pair in black.

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I loved my Bzees the first two times I wore them. The third time the sole separated and they were useless. It was a good thing I wasn’t in Europe with Bzees as my main shoe!

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I snagged a pair of Naot sandals on sale after seeing the brand highly recommended on a different (non-travel) forum. I like them and they suit my feet well, but it's a very good thing that I didn't decide to take them to Europe. The first time I wore them and got caught in the rain (walking only 5 blocks, but it was heavy rain), the strap on one of the shoes pulled apart, rendering it totally non-wearable. Those Naots have now been in the repair shop twice, to the tune of close to $30, so not exactly a bargain. I think they're OK now and just weren't properly stitched, but I would never trust them on a trip to Europe even if I wanted to take a second pair of shoes with me.

Some of the suggestions made when shoes are discussed here make me raise my eyebrows. I can only assume that there are significant differences in how much time travelers spend on their feet and the pace at which they walk.