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Rothys Shoes for Women -- Good for Walking?

Has anyone tried Rothys shoes (the round-toed flats in particular If so, how comfortable and sturdy are they for walking all day? I couldn't turn up any past threads in Search on this brand.

Thank you -- all feedback welcome!


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Hi Wendy:

Greetings from London. I write this while wearing my Rothy’s Round Toe Flats.

They are perfect for short-ish walks (defined as 1.5 hours at a time). I wear mine all day to work. I walk a lot and travel a lot. I am in my early 40s if that helps.

Last week I wore them on a 1.5 hour walk through the streets of Capri. For longer walks at a time, and especially over rocky terrain, I wear tennis shoes/sneakers.

So, it depends on where you plan to wear them and how long you plan to walk in a stretch.

A final point, I love the Round Toe Flats but found their pointy flats to be painful.

Good luck!

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I agree with the other reviewer, they are fine for walking short distances, but probably not enough support for all-day wear. I do like them for travel because they are light, easy to pack, and work well as a 'going out' shoe while traveling.

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Belated thank you to Colleen and Sandy for their replies. I ended up buying a pair of the round-toed flats and am trying them out this week on a work trip to London. As they said, the Rothys are pretty comfortable, packable and light but not enough cushion and support for heavy walking. I could see changing into them at the end of the day to go out to dinner when one needs a break from wearing heavier walking shoes all day. This will probably be my plan for an upcoming family vacation.

On a related note, someone on the Forum had recommend Naot sandals so I bought a pair. I've only worn them a few times at home, but so far they are the most comfy sandals I've ever worn. I know many swear by Birkenstocks but they don't seem to fit my feet very well. The Naots are wonderful!