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Questions about Allbirds

I am considering buying a pair of Allbirds for my senior dad, who is diabetic but without swollen feet.
His feet are sweaty and he lives in a hot and humid location.

I see that Allbirds shoes are lined with wool. Are they then not suitable for my dad?

I know that I should order a pair for him to try on at home, but he does not like shoe shopping in general. Also, I don't live close to him and therefore cannot assist him with the actual process of trying.

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I own multiple pairs of Allbirds in multiple styles. The ones with "Tree" in the name are not as warm as the ones with "Wool" in the name. I live in MN where it can get hot in the summer, and I still wear my Tree Dashers when it's warm. I used to have Tree Runners, but found they don't have enough cushioning under the ball of the foot for me. The wool lining doesn't get too hot in the summer because there is more ventilation in the "Tree" styles and the upper isn't made of wool. I can only wear my Wool Dashers in the winter because they would be too warm for me in temps above about 35 degrees. If I were you, I would definitely only look at the "Tree" styles.

They have a 30 day refund policy--even if the shoes are worn. Check it out before ordering!

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I find them difficult to get on and off, although once they’re on, they’re comfortable.

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I've worn Allbirds wool runners on a couple of Rick Steves tours. They work in all temperatures, are comfy, and my feet never felt sweaty. However, they have minimal arch support and if they get wet, they can stink a bit. The good news is that they are washable, but you really can't do that until you get home because they would take a few days to dry. But if you go with the wool runners, have a different pair of shoes or booties for rain. They do offer a more rain-friendly version of their shoes called Mizzles, but I'm not sure if they are wool.

Their customer service folks are pretty great, but I'm not sure they will take them back if he's worn them outside. He should test them around the house to make sure they work for him.

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I own 5 pairs of Allbirds, some in wool and some in their summer weight TreeRunners. I love them because they are comfortable and the fabric gives enough so that my toes are comfortable and not cramped. They do provide a decent amount of support, but not as much as more structured walking shoes. But they are lightweight, comfortable and are washable. I have found that yes they can get a bit smelly when they have gotten wet but after drying overnight they are OK. It might be worth having him try a pair around the house (but not going outside so they can be returned) and worst case send them back if they're not totally comfortable.

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I would add (having worn them since their launch) to choose the lounge slip on style as a first try vs the options that tie. Although the toe bed is wide enough for my troubled toes and a big bunion, the rest of the laced shoe feels narrower?
The merino in all styles is on the footbed, not fully lined. And those can come out to wash, without having to wash the whole shoe.
For running, if he does, I don't find their running shoe personally works. I do like the hiking hybrid.

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Allbirds shoes are okay. I have found that they are not as supportive as New Balance or Hoka.

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I sweat easily and live in a climate (NYC) that is seasonally hot and humid, and being a New Yorker I don't have a car and get around primarily by walking / transit / biking in my daily life (so I am generally hard on my shoes / know how they handle in weather).

I have Allbirds Wool Runners and don't have any issues with them in the summer. I know they have a variety of shoes, so other models may differ.

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Thank you everybody for your replies. I will order some for my dad.

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I have a pair of Wool Runner Allbirds and find them very comfortable and not too hot. I wear a 6.5 in other running shoes but I sized up to 7 in Allbirds. As others have mentioned they aren't as supportive as Brooks or Nikes. One of their advantages is that they can be machine washed and air dried which takes about 48 hours. I purchased the wide width as the regular was to narrow. To keep my feet dry I wear Darn Tough socks that wick moisture. Mine are only a year old and starting to wear out.

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Wool is not necessarily hot. Lightweight merino wool is just as comfortable and cool as cotton or in summer, and less sweaty than nylon or polyester. My Allbirds breathe better than leather or synthetic athletic shoes.

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I find my wool Allbirds very comfortable for work and for standing around at a social function, almost like slippers, but not for city walking. They just don't have the needed support and firmness.