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Plantar Fasciitis- shoes ?

Hi well I’m dealing with chronic PF and mostly only where a certain middle of Saucony runners with mail order PF inserts - and it’s pretty good - but I’d like to know if other people have similar issues and what brands they like for pf .
I’d love something that could pass with skirts or dresses - they don’t have to be dressy just maybe nicer runners ? Lol


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I finally consulted a foot doctor and he prescribed custom orthotics which made all the difference.

For everyday shoes, I wear New Balance. I go up a half size to accommodate the orthotics.
The all black ones allow me to "sneak" into a nicer restaurant. I always get back up pairs just in case.

For dressier occasions, I have a pair of Munro Pisces sandals in black patent. Very comfortable.

Or I wear my Joseph Seibel Theresa loafers. The buckle allows me
to adjust to accommodate the orthotics.

What really helps me is to wear sandals with arch support as house slippers at the end of the day. I have
Merrell and Joseph Seibel. These have worked pretty well to help my feet recover at the end of the day. My foot doctor told me I can never go barefoot.

I've also tried Naot, Keen, Brooks Ariel and Saucony, but the above have been very satisfactory for a long time.
The downside of custom orthotics is if I walk a lot, my feet can get very hot even though my New Balance has a lot of mesh. But I live with the compromise because PF is horrible and I don't want to stop traveling. Good luck with your feet. Hope this helps.

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I have PF and custom orthotics. I wear Merrell shoes and took two pairs on my recent 60 day trip to Spain. I wore my Bora Knit slip ons with skirts and my Siren walking shoes with pants. The Boras look like Skechers but were way more supportive and super comfortable when I was walking around for 4 plus hours.

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Hi Pat,

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I’ve been able to beat/manage my PF with over-the-counter orthotics. Not cheap, but less than custom and more effective than real cheapos. A variety of thicknesses and lengths fit a variety of shoes. I had to start with 'low arch' models, and adjust up—it turns out I have rather high arches.

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When I discovered the Keen brand of shoes and bought a pair my plantar fasciitis disappeared within a matter of days. I know have 8 pairs including low cut hiking shoes, sandals and slip ons. They are expensive but durable and provide the comfort I desire.

Take a look to see if any style fits your needs. Maybe the Mosey Derby?

Good Luck!

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Try Kuru shoes. You can buy them online. They offer free shipping and returns. I have ordered and returned and no questions were asked. I have a few pairs of their sandals. My husband wears their shoes. Their wide shoes still aren't quite wide enough for me, or I would wear their shoes too. The arch support is built-in.

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I wear Chaco sandals in summer. They take a bit of getting used to/breaking in. Also consider Birkenstocks (break in also required). I also wear Keens, my "dressy" pair is a mary jane version with a 3/4 length Birkenstock insert. Your feet are unique to you, though, so keep trying until you find something that works. And my best advice is to never go barefoot, even at home - I use an EVA Birkenstock slide as my version of slippers.

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My wife has tried about every shoe out there, and keeps going back to Hoka shoes. Oh, she still tries different shoes, ones that are supposed to be better, but after a month, she buys a pair of Hokas. She also only gets 6-9 months out of a pair of shoes, shoes change with wear, and she can feel it.

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When I first was diagnosed with planters fasciitis, I started wearing Dansko clogs both to work and at home. Within a month or so, it had disappeared. But I was always worried about it coming back, so I now pay attention to the walking shoes I wear (I love Danskos but they're not practical for long walks). I recently discovered Oboz shoes, which are wonderful - they are extremely supportive, and have a high arch so great for PF. I wear the Oboz low leather walking shoes, and have not had a bout of PF since I was first diagnosed with it.

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I've had good luck with SOLE inserts. Like Claudia, I also wear KEEN shoes (waterproof versions for travel).

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I love Hoka Kawannas.
For down time, try the Oofos flip- flops- designed for runners with PF, for wearing after the run. Hard to imagine a rubber flip- flop giving relief, but the shoes are built with arch and footbed support, and aren't cheap. Everyone I have known with PF has found some relief with Oofos, and now the company has developed closed-toe shoes.
Also, Hokas now has an orthopedic flip- flop.
Good luck!

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I had been wearing Sketchers Arch Fit shoes and they were very comfortable. I took them to Europe last Spring for a 6 week trip. We walk a lot when we travel. I was in almost constant pain from my PF. I knew I had to find something else for a 10 week trip to Europe in the late summer & Fall. I bought a pair of Ecco’s and didn’t have any problems the entire trip, nor since then. Everyone has different feet so you will have to find what works for you. Give yourself time to break them in. Because I have such a hard time finding shoes that work for me I now buy them at Nordstrom. They have free shipping and a lot of shoes to choose from. I especially like their return policy, because shoes can be returned even after wearing them outside.

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Vionic is my go to brand to control Planters Fasciitis, they are engineered for PF and are super cute. They are the only shoe I take to Europe for travel. My last trip I had just gotten over a case of PF in only 6 months using their flip flop, because you know you can't go bare foot when you have PF, so those were my house shoes and going out shoe, I even wore them to work (I work in a bank) and just told them that they were my physical therapy. I use their bootie and sandals pretty exclusively. I don't really use tennis shoes because of the PF, but this brand does have tennis shoes also.

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I have had PF for almost two decades. I highly recommend Upstep Orthotics. They are much more affordable than seeing a podiatrist. When you try on new shoes, make sure that they have removable insoles and try those shoes with the orthotics.

In addition, I recommend these brands:
(normal shoes)
Sanita (better than Dansko, i think)


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I will only wear Kuru’s but everyone is different and you may have to try different brands to find a shoe that’s perfect for you. Good luck. PF is no fun.

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I travel with Physix Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis socks that I purchase from Amazon. They are like hugs for your feet.

Then I alternate my El Naturalista Volcano over the ankle boots (even in summer) with Keen sandals. I had no foot pain on my last trip.

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I second the Oboz shoes. I alternate between the Oboz and Ecco Yucatán sandals. The sandals have been a game changer for me, I can walk all day. The Oboz come out for hikes.

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My wife follows the advice of her orthopedic surgeon that specializes in feet. The doctor wears Allegria shoes--a rocker bottom with a stiff soles, and so do many others in the medical field.

My wife has had mid foot fusion with plates and screws and her feet still hurt terribly. (Any foot surgery is painful, and they take you off your feet 2 mos+.)

My wife has many pairs of Allegria shoes, and a pair of Hoka's that she wears just a little.

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My foot Dr. wears New Balance all the time, and has me wearing them.
My PF was unbearable until I began wearing only New Balance shoes about 15 years ago. problems...ever.

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I had plantar fasciitis two years ago, and custom orthotics have greatly aided me. They can prevent the severe pain caused by plantar fasciitis. The initial custom orthotics I used were improperly made inserts, leading to increased stress and resulting in weakened ankles and foot discomfort. Selecting the wrong custom orthotics can worsen your condition. Choosing footwear that provides sufficient foot support can contribute positively. I have used Merrell and Vionic shoes for athletic and outdoor activities.

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I developed foot pain and suspected I had PF. I saw on the internet a recommendation for Crocs to resolve PF. The clog style Crocs look horrible on my feet. . I purchased a pair of Kadee flats style Crocs. My pain went away and I wear these Crocs all the time. I own 6 pairs of these shoes. I have some non-Crocs shoes that I want to purchase orthotics for. What brands and styles of orthotics are recommended for PF?