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Need Suggestions on Shoes & Sandals for Travel

Hey everyone, me and my friends are planning to go on a trip to LA and we are planning to explore the cities on foot. So far I've tried Ecco and Birkenstock sandals but I've never actually used them extensively for long walk. If anyone here has any advice on which one might be more comfortable for long days of exploring? Or if anyone knows any other brand that's perfect for city adventure and log walks. Any suggestion will do.

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Ecco are great shoes. I also like Merrell, Teva, Dansko.
I like Birks but prefer a shoe with a back strap, so this is a really personal/subjective thing. Take broken-in shoes that you know work for long walks.

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I have never tried Merrel but I've heard about them. And yes I agree that sandals with ankle support are great. Do you have any specific models or styles from these brands that you've shared?

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Models change often and every foot is different so it really is up to you to test what works for you specifically. I have a wide foot at the toe and have a heckuva time finding good shoes. If you start with a quality brand, you are halfway there. I shop on because they have free shipping/returns.

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Sandals with ankle support? Do you mean a heel strap?

Your profile says you are a writer:

Hello! I'm Erica, and I'm from Bakewell. I'm a writer who enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Whether it's walking around Bakewell or discovering new destinations, I'm always eager for adventure. In my free time, I love to write about my travels and share my stories with others. Let's connect and share our experiences!

It is important for a writer to be precise. Which LA are you visiting? Sandals may or may not be appropriate, but of course if you mean Los Angeles they are fine. But where is Bakewell—- what country? If outside North America, the brands and models mentioned may or may not be available to you.

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I was going to ask the same thing - LA, as in Los Angeles, or LA as in Louisiana? What cities? What time of year?

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Which cities in the Los Angeles area are you planning on exploring? And what time of year?

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If it’s the City of Angels (Los Angeles) you are referring to here are my thoughts having lived and worked in the Land of La for 30 years.

1.) we have the largest homeless population in the US.

2.) gonna surmise you’ll be staying on the Westside
( Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Venice)
Perfectly fine areas of the megalopolis.

3.) unlike the UK public transportation is a joke. Cars dominate.

4.) I wear the Keen Brand of sandals. For my 2022 Wimbeldon sojourn wore my Keen Uneek sandals.
For jaunts on the Griffith Park trails I like my Keen closed toe Whisper Sandals.

5.) Keens are not cheap but for me the perfect shoes for comfort and durability. Have 8 different pairs.

6.) visit Phillipes, the Yuca hut ( best carne asada tacos and burritos), Canter’s Deli ( a neighborhood that honestly depicts LA), and have a cocktail ( or dinner) at Musso’s and Franks.

7.) You really want to see LA? Then get a rental car and follow Sunset Boulevard from the intersection of Sunset and Vermont West to Pacific Coast Highway
( PCH ). By taking this drive You’ll be able to see various neighborhoods, few of which look like the mansions of Beverly Hills.


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Another vote for Keen Rose sandals. My go-to for Greece and Spain. Cheap isn't an option for walking shoes. One of my friends had foot problems, just in her everyday walking, not on a trip, and was told by her doctor to buy a better brand of tennis shoes.

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If you do mean Los Angeles, it is unfortunately not the best city to explore on foot. There are a few neighborhood that might be nice for short walks, but in general you need a rental car. As Claudia stated, the public transport system is extremely limited.

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Check out SAS Shoes. They have a zillion types of women’s shoes. Except for two times I unfortunately bought a different brand, I have not worn any other brand for over 30 years. I have literally put on a new pair out of the box and done a 10 km walk.

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OP has not returned for a week snd never answered the questions asked.

I did not click on the “Birkenstock” embedded link—- I never do with first-time posters. Did anyone else? I am wondering if it is one of those affiliated marketing links that earns her $$ if people click on it. Or maybe that only works in someone’s blog?

I just find her comment sandals with “ankle support” very puzzling.

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Hey guys, I'm so glad I found this forum and posted my query here.
Apologies for the delay in replying, work has been all consuming lately.
To clarify, when I mentioned LA, I was referring to Los Angeles and not Louisiana. we'll be visiting there next month (haven't decided the dates yet)
@claudia Thank you so much for the detailed insights! Keen sandals sound like a solid choice (you, cala and sasha all three are favoring this brand, plus my brother is a huge fan of keen too but i haven't tried them yet). I'll definitely check them out. And thanks for the recommendations on places to visit, they all sound amazing!
@lola, we haven't done our research yet, and from yours and Claudia's responses, it seems like exploring the city on foot might not be the best idea. One of my friends suggested this crazy on-foot exploration thing, but we'll definitely consider rental cars
@sasha by ankle strap I meant the sandal which covers the back of your foot (apologies if I used the wrong term; I'm not really into shopping much—believe me, I rarely shop) also Bakewell is a town in England. And yes, the link I added in my post is no affiliate, it's just a website I got and they had good brands plus they deliver to my location. I just thought if anyone here has any experience buying from there, it would be helpful.
@renee thanks for sharing the product link from Zappos, last year I bought a new pair of DM boots from them. Will definitely check them out

Again, thanks for much for the help guys

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I love Alegria shoes. I am on my feet all day, and these are the best. They were originally made for nurses. All of their regular shoes and boots fit me really well. They have an athletic off-shoot called Traq. Those don't fit me as well, but my sister likes those the best. They are expensive, but you can often find then on sale online.

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Comfortable shoes are a must for any adventure! I took these Keen Elle Backstrap Sandal for 5 weeks in Europe last summer (6 countries including Italy) and they were wonderful! I run toward a higher arch and have bunions, and these sandals did not hurt my feet at all! And the color is a perfect neutral.

I've also traveled with Chacos, with the toe loop and without. Chacos are heavier sandals, weighting down the suitcase a bit more. However, they are very comfortable and worth the weight!

If you choose Birkies, which are comfortable but have no backstrap (a must for me when traveling), you'd fit in perfectly in the casual L.A. scene.