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They're cute (love that shade of green), but if I tried to wear those shoes, I'd be crippled before the end of the day. At that price point, I don't think they could be supportive enough for me or have cushy-enough soles to get me through 6+ miles of walking on hard surfaces.

I have my doubts that I could keep them clean, too.

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They are super cute. Can’t really tell whether they stand up to cobblestones and uneven surfaces. They are reasonably priced, so if you like them, buy them far enough in advance, walk in them for at least a couple of miles. See if they are going to support you enough for any of the locations.

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Have a back-up plan for when the mesh rips and you are miles from your other footwear back at the hotel...

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I am pretty sure Sasha's tongue is firmly in her cheek ...

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I am not a girl, but even so, you will want something with good support and traction for doing any bits of the Cinque Terra. Decent laced runners, whater the US term for running shoes is, would be best in my experience.

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They say breathable, but at that price they will feel like furnaces on your feet very quickly in an Italian summer!
Though they are cute for going out at night in.