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More on ILSE Jacobsen shoes for comfort

I agree with the initial poster (I don’t see that thread now) that although very comfortable and stylish, the Ilse Jacobsen shoes may not be best for long, fast paced walks. They are slip on with opening on top so they might not feel snug enough. I have two pair - gray and tan, love them and wouldn’t want them to wear out too soon! They can be worn with no show sport socks in cooler weather just not in snow! Recently, I had a conversation with a woman wearing them and she did wear them on a Europe trip receiving many compliments, she has 8 pairs, two of the pink color to leave one at her mom’s house!
IMO perfect for walking, standing while visiting museums and sites or going shorter distances where transportation occurs in between. Also interested in the newer open toe style sandal!

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I have a pair of the rain boots and love them! Super comfy and my feet do not get tired in them. I’ve had them for about 7 years so far.

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Thanks for starting a new thread, Bella. I deleted mine because of some inappropriate comments by one person. Thankfully the Webmaster removed the worst of them, but I was still annoyed by what remained, so out it went.

I ordered 3 pairs in 2 sizes and chose to keep the smaller size, which fit perfectly. They are even on sale. These:

I think they will be just right for what you said—-standing in museums, riding trains, and short walks. I have good walking shoes for the hours-long treks we like to do.

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Thanks for posting a new thread. Appreciate your review. I can reiterate that I have had a pair in black for a few years. I wear mine for short jaunts, not for long walks. I occasionally wear mine with no show light Smartwool socks. Nice to see some new styles as well.

To Lola’s point- thank you for your original post. Agree, it was appropriate to delete original post when it went awry.

Milkliz- I have been eyeing the rain boots for sometime! I wondered about the comfort level.
Good to know. They would be great with my ILSE Jacobsen 3/4 length raincoat that I have had for a few years. Love it.