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Merrell's Zoe Knit shoes: reviews?

Merrells new line of Zoe Knit shoes has just reached Australia. I have a pair of their hiking shoes that have proved comfortable on my difficult-to-fit feet, but I wanted something lighter in anticipation of hot weather in France in July when I'll be both walking and cycling. The recent spell of 30+°C was a good time to go looking, given that my feet do swell in the heat. After rejecting the all-over mesh version (02 or Q2?) because my ankles swelled above the elastic cuff, I've ended up with the M-J (Mary-Jane?) style which are more open. They are so light that I'm anxious that they may not in fact last well in use: I'm wondering if anyone else has tried them as I think it likely they've been available this summer in the States.

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Merrell Womens Zoe Sojourn Lace Knit Q2 shos provide gentle alignment, Stretch knit upper.Simple slip-on style, and endless travel bliss.This shoe has the perfect combination of easy encouragement and lightweight support to keep you going on the trail and in the city with a spring in your step.

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That reads like a copy & paste from the Merrells website. Those are all the reasons I chose those shoes, but I'm concerned about long-term durability, and only someone who has used them over a period of time can answer that for me.

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sorry, I have not tried them, but wanted to thank you for the heads-up. I'm looking for summer travel shoes myself and a 4 oz pair of comfortable shoes would be ideal. I wear sandals 90% of the time but need a closed shoe occasionally. Off to find some to try on...have you had any further experience with them since you wrote this in December?

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Although I have not tried the Merrell shoes you mentioned, I love my two pairs (different colours) of a Merrell Mary Jane style from several years ago which I wear regularly at home and while travelling. They have served me equally well walking many hours a day - whether on cobblestones in Europe, in Hawaii, or here in Canada. The style is like this:

On the other hand, for long walking days, I would not recommend any of the "stretch knit" slip-on style shoes with no ankle support (such as Bernie Mev or Skechers) - I turned my ankles so many times that I would not take them on a trip. However, I do have other Skechers styles with more support that are fine.

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Loved my mesh Merrells that I wore for years, so thanks for bringing this to our attention. Though one was a heavy-soled hiking Mary Jane, that flipped my ankle right off a coble-stone one evening. So beware of thick soles with no ankle support. I would love to find a shoe with ankle support.
(OK, I am a klutz generally, and we did have a lot of wine with dinner that evening but still there was too much space between the cobblestones.)

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Thanks to Lola for posting a link to REI Merrell shoes. I didn't want the shoes that were linked, but I did discover REI had my very favorite Merrell's of all times. I love these glide trail running shoes so much. REI site is the only place I have found them, I thought they were gone forever. I drove over and picked up a pair today.