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Kuru shoes

I'm researching good walking shoes and I've been scouring this site for recommendations. Has anyone ever heard of Kuru shoes? They are supposed to have a heel bed that wraps around your heel as you step down. I found them on the net but haven't seen them recommended on this forum.

I have a pair of Lowa hiking boots that were comfortable right out of the box so I'm looking at Lowa's, as well as Keen, Merrell's, & a few others recommended on here.

Any other suggestions?

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Keen shoes.

1 own 2 pairs of their sandals, 2 pair of hiking boots, 1 pair of slip ons, 1 pair of lace ups and I pair of boots. Depending on the season nearly every pair has been to Europe more than once. Wear the sandals most of the time here in LA. Cured my plantar fasciitis. Sturdy, yet light weight, comfortable, and pricey. However for all the wear and tear each pair has endured and still look fine, worth every penny.

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I’ve had several pairs of Kuru shoes while trying to manage plantar fasciitis. They were very good for walking and helped the p.f., but I don’t think I’ll buy them again. They are heavier than other shoes, not breathable/very hot to wear, and not exceptionally durable. The durability might be affected by the fact that they are intentionally snug and tight. They are challenging to get on and off, so if I didn’t have a shoe horn handy, the heels got a little abused. So over time, the heels got a bit chewed up.

Bottom line imo - very good walking shoes at home, not so great for travel shoes. Insoles designed for pf and lighter shoes are better for travel. I’m very excited to be taking 4-ounce Merrell Mary Janes on this year's trip.

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I've ruled out kuru for sure. I love ordering from REI because of their return policy (I can wear the shoes for months and if they start giving me a blister, etc. They will take them back). That's my biggest concern, wearing them to break them in, getting a blister and not being able to return them.
I am leaning towards Lowa since my hiking boots were so comfortable right out of the box.

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I am thinking my Lowa Palermo sneakers, while great for walking, might be too warm for summer in Europe.

I have these Dansko sneakers which I have taken several times. Walked all over London and Vienna in them. The sides are mesh so much cooler they are also very lightweight.

The problem is buying them from the Outlet; they may not be returnable. You could pay full price ($110) and buy them from The Walking Company or other store that allows returns if they don’t work out.

Or if you want to stick with REI, this one looks like it has the same sole and construction. Only two sizes available, however.

Or find other sizes and colors on Amazon for $44.98.

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I ordered a pair of Kurus last fall, but they run very wide. I like to wear socks with my sneakers and still could not keep them on my feet--even with my Smartwool low profile socks on. So back they went.

I also have some Allbirds wool runners which I like, but they do not have the gripping sole style that I prefer for walking on uneven terrain. The Allbirds were somewhat wide on my foot as well but are ok to wear for short walks. I have tried Mephisto's Allrounders and found them comfortable but alas they are also too wide on my feet. The width issue is a problem for me and may not be an issue for others. Of these 3 brands, if my feet were wider, I would choose the Mephisto Allrounders.