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Kids shoes for Ireland


I will be travelling to Ireland this summer with my four kids 12,10,8 and 5. What shoes would you recommend for the kids?

Thank you!

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Their normal running shoes. comfy . Kids in ireland wear normal stuff too. Let the 12 yr old dress like he or she normally would.. but just make sure everyone has a rain jacket and a sweater or lightweight fleece to layer with.. Ive been in August and needed both.. but Ive also been in May and its was better.. so just bring both.

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Hey hmaherhickey,

You should buy shoes for your children according to their comfort.The most ideal approach to buy new shoes for kids is to get them at a store to enable the kid to attempt them on. Ensure you bring a couple of the socks they will be wearing.

Search for shoes with elastic soles. Thick elastic soles shoes give the best stun ingestion and padding for kids. Regardless of the possibility that they look dressy, they feel like tennis shoes, which are better to run around!

Hope it will help you.