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Hiking boots-or trail runners for my way Europe tour

My husband and I are doing the my way Alpine Europe tour in the beginning of September. I am wondering if I can wear my non-goretex trail runners or did people wear goretex boots for this tour.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I love hiking and backpacking, and basically never wear dedicated hiking boots any more. My last big trip through Glacier NP was just with some $40 tennis shoes from Zappos. My perspective would be to plan to wear whatever you're most comfortable walking in (sounds like the trail runners), and check the weather closer to your departure. If it's looking very wet, you can decide whether or not you want to bring goretex / boots / etc. (this is assuming you may already have worn-in boots, because it is no fun to try and wear in new ones on a big trip!).

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I wear Ahnu waterproof hiking shoes that I purchase from REI. I love these shoes. They are comfortable, not heavy, and I've accidentally stepped in a deep puddle before and stayed completely dry. I'm on my feet most of the day at work and will often wear them there as well.

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I have taken that tour. It's fabulous! I'd go with the trail runners, no question.

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You can always buy some gore-tex trail runners. That is what I use for my light hikers now here in Colorado.

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I took this tour last year (loved it) and alternated between my Keen and Teva hiking sandals because that's what I'm used to wearing at home. My husband wore his water proof trail running shoes.

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I wore Keen and Merrell hiking sandals on this tour a few years ago.

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Anything that isn't a dedicated "hiking" trip won't need hiking boots. Trail runners will work for the trails you will take. If it snows, probably the only time you'd wish for heavier boots, they'll close the trails anyway.

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Whatever is most comfortable for walking around for hours in. I wear hiking boots when I hike and when I sightsee because they’re more comfortable for me for hours on my feet. But I have bad feet.

I doubt very much that your tour goes on rough terrain anywhere, so unless your trail runners are a lot more comfortable than mine, I’d suggest some sturdy walking shoes with a thick, comfy insole. Quite a few brands - New Balance, Merrel, Ecco - make those with a goretex lining. However, a lot of hikers these days prefer non-waterproof shoes as the goretex doesn’t let your feet breathe as well. It can keep out the puddles but keep in the sweat.