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HELP - best walking boots for london and paris in the winter

Opinions on the best walking boots for London and Paris in December time? I've looked at Sorel, Hunter, Clarks, etc. but don't know what ones would be the best and the most supportive! Support and comfort is key for me! Thanks!

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Hi Allison, good question. I am looking forward to seeing what others have to say. I typically wear Born boots for London fall/winter trips. They are comfortable and keep my feet blister free after walking 5-7 miles/day. I use an orthopedic insert inside the boots as well for extra support.

Are you just in the cities or visiting the countryside for muddy uneven walking?

Very few Londoners or Parisians would wear walking boots for city streets. A good comfortable pair of shoes is what you need, preferably with some water resistance.

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I live in London and visit Paris frequently. The previous poster was right that people don't tend to wear walking boots in the sense of hiking boots, but you'll see most women wearing leather boots in wet weather. I've always been partial to Merrell's tall boots, like the Travvy Tall ( You want to make sure you have good grip, because wet cobblestones can be really slippery. So no leather soles, something rubber with a bit of tread. Merrells are good because they are comfy like a sneaker, but are mostly dressy enough to pass for smart leather boots. I regularly wear mine to work in a smart-casual office. Good luck and have a great time!

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Check out Teva de la vina boots. I bought them on a recommendation from someone on this forum. They come in different heights and are waterproof leather. I just wore them for my trip to London. They were comfortable and supportive and I was very happy with them. They also did not need any break in time.

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low "booties" are a great choice for Paris and London in winter. Have done both cities as well as Rome/Florence/Venice in the winter and wouldn't travel without a pair. As the previous poster pointed out, a good tread is essential since rain can make uneven pavement more slippery! As to the best brand, it really comes down to what fits your feet the best - and that means trying on a lot of boots! My current favorites are by Born - Trinculo - they are not dainty by any means but I can wear them for 10- 12 hours and cover over 23,000 steps and my feet feel great... but again, it's all about how that particular shoe fits your foot!
I also use a pair of liners (not custom orthotics since I don't need them) which improves the fit and support of my shoes - not necessary for everyday wear but given how much and how far we walk on vacation, they really make a difference! I get mine at The Walking Store. The liners also help make the shoes a bit warmer, which I appreciated on the day we went to Hampton Court - the stone floors we were on were cold!
I'd suggest going onto a site like Zappos, Amazon or the Walking Company and having a look around and then order several pairs. Try them on at home (especially with whatever bottoms you plan to bring) and see how they look/feel. When you think you've got the right pair... wear them. Go on long walks with them - and then see about a supportive insole as well.
Good luck and have a fabulous trip!!!

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I swear by Blundstones. Pull on. I wear them in the slushiest and coldest weather here in Nova Scotia and I've never had a leak (and I've been in some ankle deep slush). They take a little breaking in. Fit is important. Slightly loose gives you some extra room for warmer socks, and they SHOULD come with an extra pair of insoles in the box so you can snug up the fit. They also are my footwear of choice when we travel, and when I'm working and standing on my feet for hours.

I've currently almost worn out my 2nd pair (they last about 4-5 years of me wearing them from about Nov to June) and have a 3rd in the wings.

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Have you looked at Ariat? I have three pair of Ariats that I’ve had for 20 years, and they’re still going strong. Check their English paddock boots and low-cut booties/clogs.

My tall boots are Blondo (Canadian brand). They are comfortable. I’m pretty sure they make shorter boots as well.

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I've been to Paris twice in the past two years in winter, (Feb/March); and the key thing is that your footwear is waterproof, and slip resistant.
I took my Clarks ankle boots and a pair of Cobb Hill ankle boots both times.
I had snow, rain, frost and sun; and was fine.
Break in before travelling!
And don't worry about looking stylish: go for comfort and practical things first.
You'll look like a tourist anyway.

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I agree with Nicole P...I love my Blundstones! Unlike Nicole, we do not have all that much slushy weather here in middle Tennessee, but I do like them for wearing when I need a good gripping sole and/or the weather is wet, slick or snowy. I have just pulled them out in the last week to wear. I have narrow feet but the regular width with the thicker insole (they come with 2) and merino wool socks (medium thickness or thinner ones--not the thickest wool) make them fit. I got mine last year after trying on a whole lot of boots. They are heavy so you would probably want to wear them on the plane if you are carrying everything on, but I would not hesitate to get a pair. I normally wear a 6 1/2 Narrow US and I got a size 4 AU. The style that I choose was 558 in black. Good luck.

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My favorite travel boots are by Fly London and have a wedge sole that is like walking on clouds--supportive, stable, super comfy right out of the box, looks cute with jeans from skinny to boot cut and skirts, too. I like the bit of extra height, and I'm one who walks 10 miles a day easily on trips and no foot fatigue with these boots. They performed especially well on cobblestones. They come in a variety of styles and colors, I got mine from Amazon but Nordstrom also carries.

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Once again I took my Teva de la Vina boots to Europe, only this time I took my low boots instead of the mid calf that I took last winter for December and January in Amsterdam. I like the flat soles so I am not teetering around on a high wedge or heel. Both pairs of boots have seen me through five week trips this and last year. I have insoles from Foot Solutions that I use in them rather than the foamy insert that comes with the boot. My feet are not the best and these (along with the inserts) provide me the support that I need to walk all day. Regardless of what you buy, make sure you break them in well before you leave.

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My choice Arche,
Arche designers understand that black, brown and white shoes are boring. Preferably, Arche uses a palette of hundreds of bright colors, like cobalt, magenta, and bright orange, to give a splash of color to any outfit.
Its hundred percent Latex soles are made from hevea milk. The heaven milk is poured by hand into patterns for the sole.
Good luck ...

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My Arche shoes are boring black.

Are the soles really made of heaven milk?

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I'm assuming it was autocorrected to 'heaven' - hevea milk looks like a kind of natural rubber/latex - another word for rubber tree...