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Has anyone tried OESH shoes?

I keep seeing ads for OESH shoes. Some of their claims seem a bit overblown, but they look light and have a wide toe box--hard to find in women's shoes. Any experiences with this company?

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Sorry no but will say the Keen brand of shoes and sandals offer lightweight, durable and stylish options. No I don’t work for Keen. Simply like the brand.

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I haven’t tried those. But both Ryka and Alegria brands have wide toe boxes. My feet love them.

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I got curious and looked up some reviews. Very positive except not good in my view for traveling. Review said best for walks/running of three miles or less because of minimal cushioning.

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"Review said best for walks/running of three miles or less because of minimal cushioning."

That may be advice for folks who are not used to minimalist or barefoot shoes with what appears to be a zero-drop platform. Having worn minimalist shoes for a number of years I can walk 10+ miles in my Altras when I'm at my fittest. I also feel my balanced is enhanced when I can feel the ground thru my shoes. You do have to work up to wearing a minimalist shoe.

I like the wide toe box but I don't see a review of the brand on either of my minimalist shoe sites (both podiatrists) so not sure they can accommodate my CorrectToe spacers.

OESH does have some neat looking shoes. I like the Salon model as well as the ballet flat.

If you order them I'd love to know what they are like!