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FYI for ladies....

I just had to leave a tip on here.....I read this on an older post and thought I would pass it along.
I have a pair of ballet flats that are sooooooo comfy but I hate wearing those little nylon sock thingys. They always come off my heel and show over my shoe.
SOLUTION: put panty liners in the bottom of your shoes!! I did it today and they stayed put, my feet didn't sweat or get smelly. Perfect!!

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Geez Louise! I have read some pretty strange posts on these boards but this has to be the weirdest. How nice to know her feet didn't sweat or get smelly. so happy for her.

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I would not have thought of that, but I've had shoes where I'd be willing to try almost anything to make them work for me.

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Interesting idea!

PS, Why must men comment on posts for women? Edit: updating - the less than helpful post I reference has now been removed.

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the problem with those little nylon sock things for me is that they don't stay on. They curl under my feet and drive me crazy. Haven't worn them in years because of this. I'll keep the panty liners in mind. Thanks!

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I think my feet are too big for this to work. :)

I get $1 insoles and replace them frequently.

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I'm always slipping my feet out of my shoes and wiggling my toes; I'd be too embarrassed if anyone saw the liner in my shoe, but it's a great idea!!

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No ballet flats for me, and the key to happy feet is good wool socks.

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This could add some fun to the USA airport security lines!

Thanks for an unusual tip.

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A suggestion from the Walking Company that I follow is to put the little socky things over the inner sole, not on my feet. I use the Umberto Raffini Womens Bamboo Liners which successfully do what they say they do here. Too bad the pictures are so weird.

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PS, Why must men comment on posts for women?

Because we can.

Why is this post not for men? Can men not place panty liners in their shoes to prevent their feet slipping and eliminate sweat and odours?

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Lol @JC! You are can do this as well. Please let us know how they work out for ypu..haha!

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I'm just impressed that anyone can hike around European cities in ballet flats!
I'm stuck with Keen lace-ups and orthotic inserts.

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Kateja - I agree. I wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't even walk a few blocks to the grocery in a pair of regular flats or I would have plantar fasciitis.