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Freet shoes, anyone wearing for hill walking

I came across these in my search for shoes that will fit my bear paw shaped feet. The sizing on these, according to the fit & size length & width measurements, indicates they would fit. I would be wearing these for easier hill walking, think Dunadd & The Hermitage sort of walks, on my next trip to Scotland. I wore Salomons for my last trip and was happy with them but they tend to look a bit like combat boots. I know, I know, vanity vanity, but I would like something that might pass for wearing to dinner.

Freet USA ships out of Illinois and charge $20 shipping so they are not inexpensive to buy. I know I would wear them more around & about during the fall & winter, more so than the Salomons so they would not be a buy & store for traveling shoe. Guilty of doing so.

Hoping someone who has worn these shoes can comment on them.

Thanks so much!

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Diane, actually the shipping is not $20 for US addresses. Your link is to the U or some other site, and it suggested changing to the USA. When I did a pretend order, it still said $20 for shipping, but I noticed that was “shipping to Canada”. I proceeded to the shipping address page, changed Canada to the USA, and entered an address in Seattle. It then showed actually shipping prices: $9.47 for USPS ground, or $11.20:for UPS Ground, or $11.97 for USPS Priority.

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Thanks Lola! I thought I might order the Citee shoe for an everyday casual shoe and to try Freet shoes. As luck would have it my size in black is out of stock.

I do have an older pair of Altra shoes that I kick around in. The new versions of Altra are no longer wide enough for me. Have not had good luck with the newer versions of Oboz, Keen, Merrill which are all tight thru the mid-foot and box toe. Guess bear paw feet weren't meant to wear shoes. I'll keep watching Freet for restocking of their Citee shoes.

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Look for shoes with reliable grip to prevent slips on wet or rocky surfaces. I think Salomon X Ultra is a versatile option with excellent grip, waterproofing and comfort.

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Thanks for your reply!
I've decided to take/wear the Salomons I have as they were perfect for our first visit in Scotland. Ultimately, practical and comfortable wins out over looks.

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Thanks for sharing the link to Freet. I like barefoot shoes. I could not tell from the comments whether you are used to wearing barefoot styles. I will be looking for a nice sturdy barefoot walking shoe come fall. I have some Merrell barefoots, but geez, the sole kinda wore out with me just walking in the neighborhood.

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Hi Debbie,
I do have an old pair of Altras that are really comfortable for walking. I tried them on the treadmill but really needed more support for that. The newer versions of Altra are no longer wide enough for me.

The Freet shoes actually are wide enough for me. I ordered the Citee shoe for a nicer look than my old Altras. I wore these around the house and decided they are keepers, comfy like slippers. The Citee can be treated with Nikwax or spray waterproofing which I will do before autumn. I normally travel with one pair of shoes but as these are so light weight and flexible they will easily fit into the corners of my carry-on.

I found a 10% coupon on this website offering a review of Freet shoes.

Freet has decent return policy, not free returns though, so you can try the shoes in your home for some time to decide if they'll work for you.

I'm happy to have discovered these shoes.

Hi Diane,

I understand your search for the perfect footwear that combines functionality and style. While I haven't personally tried Freet USA shoes, I've heard positive reviews about their comfort and fit, especially for wider feet. They're designed to mimic the natural movement of your feet which could be beneficial for hill walking.

However, as they are quite an investment with the additional shipping cost, it may be worth checking out some local stores or online platforms for potential deals or discounts before purchasing directly.

For dining scenarios, the sleek design of Freet shoes could certainly pass off as more stylish compared to traditional hiking boots. And since you plan to wear them regularly, not just for traveling, the cost per use might justify the initial expense.

Remember, comfort should be paramount, especially for activities like hill walking. But if you can find a shoe that also satisfies your style preferences - that's a win-win!

For more information on footwear, you might find this source helpful.

Hope this helps, and happy shoe hunting!