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Compression Socks

So i just discovered I need new compression socks.
So i am looking for suggestions,

I am a guy, I where size 11.5 (us mens). I have wide feet and high arches, and i am Diabetic so good socks are important.
So suggestions would be appreciated.

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I'm a NURSE and wear compression socks everyday for 30+ years. I really like the Sockwell ones and the ProCompression ones.

If you have a Fleet Feet near you, they sell very nice medical grade compression socks.

Since you are a Diabetic, socks are crucial, but compression socks can do more harm than good if you aren't in the correct size - - measuring is key.

You may consider going to a Medical Supply store and get officially measured and get medical grade socks - some Insurance companies will even pay for them.

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I trully have no idea where to even look for a medical supply store.
What am i looking for?
I do have a Fleet Feet near me.

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I recently started wearing compression socks. My doctor advised me and wrote a prescription for the specific type he wanted. I was measured and examined and then fitted at the medical supply store by their employees. My insurer told me to expect to pay around 4% of what might be around $50 a pair but I don’t yet know as the med supply shop is having problems with their “new billing system”. I originally went to another store who told me they don’t accept insurance (??) I’m very new to all this but wonder how you go about it without a doctor’s supervision? Good luck; I hope you find relief.


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I am a diabetic with the same size feet. I have been buying whatever I can find on Amazon so I appreciate you posting this topic. I am going to try out some of these recommendations. BTW, my podiatrist told me to avoid fleet feet, that they overcharge for things you can find elsewhere and his patients are always complaining to him about them.

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As far as Fleet Feet, I’m sure it depends on the store- ours is wonderful and their socks are often on sale.

I personally like to order from SockWell.

My point was- if you’re a diabetic, get professionally measured by a place like Fleet Feet or a doctor or podiatrist. Find out how many mmHg you need of compression- as they can do more harm than good if you’re not wearing the correct size/mmHg

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I'm a big fan of CEP, I used them after a severe ankle sprain. Running Warehouse has quite a selection of various brands.

Incrediwear I used during rehab and afterwards from a bad knee injury, I keep the sleeve with me during travel just in-case things flare up however, they do have circulation socks. Their products are used widely in the training rooms despite not being 'official product' of the various professional sports leagues.

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Hi Douglas. I've had issues with plantar fasciitis and a few other ankle issues. Tried everything and found Apolla compression socks work the best for me. Extra cushioning and the best arch support and ankle support I've found. They come in several different profiles so you can wear no-shows, my favorite, or something with a higher profile and graduated compression up the legs. My Husband has wide feet and I got him the mid-calf style since it comes in wide and he swears by them. Here's their website Happy Trails - Jenny