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Comfortable shoes for 3 week Europe travel

31 - 6 foot - 190 Male. Just wondering if anybody has suggestions on what shoes to wear for comfort on my trip? We wont be doing any really extensive Hikes or anything.

Thanks in advance!

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Clarks Wave slip ons are worth a look. Comfortable even on cobblestones, and convenient off and on at airport security.

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We're very close in height and weight, though I'm much older. I agree with Joel--I have Clark's Wave slip-ons and they are very good (I also had the lace-ups, until I wore them out). However, I also like the Dunham Windsor waterproof lace-up shoes (they're made by New Balance). I've worn them to Rick's Ireland in 14 days and his Paris and the Heart of France in 11 days. I'm on my third pair. They have more traction on the sole than the Clark's and are comfortable and waterproof. Here's a link to show what they look like, plus you can read reviews.

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I swear by Eccos. Mephistos are good too, but they're much cheaper in France than in the U.S.

Just make sure any shoe you choose will provide adequate protection from walking on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones.

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I swear by Blundstones. They are unisex. The original is nice (500 or 510). I’m on my 3rd pair in 10 yrs or so and I live in them from when it’s too cold for sandals until it’s warm enough for sandals. (Usually oct until May). Never had a leak, even in the slushiest, wettest weather. And they look great with jeans or casual pants.

But I guess depends on when you are travelling/temperatures. They’d be too hot for summer travel, IMO.

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What comfortable shoes do you wear at home in the same season ? Probably best to stick with those, assuming they are already broken-in.
My husband (same size, 70+) will be wearing all-black Fila sneakers from Costco for a 5-week spring trip. This year's version of ones worn on prior trips. Waterproof leather shoes for snowy winter trips.

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My husbands favorite shoe for everyday walking in Europe is the ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker. Probably will get another pair during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before our next trip. I have the women's version and also highly recommend the comfort, style and durability.

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I’ve worn many of the highly touted shoes on this forum with poor results. Feet and walking style are so individual. Get to a place with a good selection and a staff that knows how to measure feet. Better yet, if you have some comfortable broken in shoes, the ones you automatically reach for when you are spending time on your feet, take those.

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SAS shoes are very good. They come in large and various width sizes. They come with an insert but recently came out with a better insert. They require no breaking in. I have put on a new pair and immediately done a 10 Km walk with no problems