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Charleston Shoes for touring

Hi Ladies,

Does anyone out there have any experience touring Europe with shoes/sandals from Charleston Shoe Company? Monterey style possibly? I am looking for a good pair of black sandals that I can walk long distances in as opposed to tennis shoes which are not as fashionable. However I may choose the tennis shoes as comfort is taking over fashion at this stage of my life.


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Never heard of this show company but can recommend Keen sandals.

Durable, light weight, and most importantly comfortable. Rose sandal.

Take a look at their website and see if anything pleases your fashion sense.

I have 8 pairs of Keen shoes including 2 pairs of sandals. Worth every penny.

Good Luck.

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Where will you be walking? What time of year?

Edited to add:

I looked those shoes up and it doesn't matter when or where. They are absolutely too high and with the elastic uppers, have no support for long walking in Europe. The cobblestones in the picture are way smoother than most I've experienced. The shoes would be ankle turners.

This is the voice of experience here. I tried to be fashionable in Paris. It was a big mistake. I was fighting walking in Dansko clogs on the cold and wet cobblestones the first week of June, 2012.

Which brings me back to when and where you are going. There are lots of appropriate shoe options besides sandals and tennis shoes. Explore the Abeos at the Walking Company for some examples suitable for many kinds of weather.

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I think if you're spending the day walking around a museum or on a similar smooth level surface, they'll be fine. I'd go with the tennis shoes, though. You should be able to find some that are comfortable and fashionable for around the same price.

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Seconding Claudia's recommendation of Keen sandals -- although I favor the clunkier-looking Newport H2O sandals. As comfortable and sturdy as sneakers, but with the added benefit of letting the heat out (and, if it rains, letting the water run out -- on a prior trip my buddy spent the rest of the day in wet tennis shoes while my Keens dried out on my feet.)

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I love my Keen Rose sandals-wore them to Spain last June. My feet never felt any need to call attention to themselves.

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The Aphrodites are in cute colors but to me they have too much toe spring which can cause Plantar Fasciitis. I agree that the Monterey does not look like it would keep your foot stable on cobblestones or up and down tons of stairs in Paris. Plus, I always wind up walking on gravel or sand (for instance in the Tuileries Garden) and I'd wind up getting dirt up under my feet causing discomfort or blisters.

Go for comfort. No one will be looking at your feet and you need to keep them in good shape for touring.

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Thanks everyone! I think I may need to scratch the cute shoe purchase and go for all comfort!

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I wore Keen sandals for three weeks in and country and never had an issue with my feel. One day in Rome I put on a pair of low cut socks for an extra cushion while cycling but that was really unnecessary. If they get wet they dry out very quickly. I took a second pair of well broken in Dansko sandals for evening if I felt the need to switch out of the Keen's.

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I swear by Finn Comfort sandals. They are a little pricey but last for years, look good, and give your feet great support for long days of walking. You can buy a pair on Zappos & return if you don’t love them