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Chaco sandals=what brand of shoes

Another footwear question... I am a devoted Chaco sandal wearer. The high arch is in exactly the right spot. I wear the soles off every year and send them in to get new soles every spring. Yes, I walk in them every single day. My question is what brand of shoes have this similar arch and location. I currently have 10 pairs of shoes sitting in my living room that don’t make the cut. Yeah for “free” shipping both directions. I have been reading a lot about Superfeet insoles. Is there one that can make the difference I need?

Looking for a hiking/walking shoe for hiking in Norway and Iceland in the fall. As a point of reference, Dansko shoes don’t have the arch in the right spot. Asics have been my running shoes of choice since the ‘90’s.

Thank you!

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Chaco makes a couple of light hikers have you tried those? They are on their website.

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Two Brands I swear by for arch support (cause without it I develop Planters Facetious):
Aetrex (their tag line is "The Healthiest Shoe you will ever wear)

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I wear Chacos and Asics too and also like Birkenstocks and Naots. I have a pair of Birkenstock inserts in my boots and they have a nice, high arch in just the right spot. And if you want to spend too much, Durea are the most comfortable shoes I've every worn.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I found some SOLE cork footbeds that are moldable after heating them up in the oven! They fit my arch in the right spot! I ended up keeping the waterproof Ahnu Taraval shoes.

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My foot has a wider toebox. I do not wear a wide shoe but my shoes generally are more generous in the toebox. Here are brands that work for me. Those that don't work include Ahnu, Merrell, Brooks. I think all of these are just due to my slightly wider foot.

Chacos once I adapted to them (thought they were too narrow at first, now they are great)
Asics (my running shoe brand for the last 7 years)
Innov8 for men (women's too narrow, men's actually fit me great)
Born (boots, non-waterproof)
Aquatalia (dress boots, rainproof)

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I also use Superfeet in my hiking/running shoes. Note that some superfeet (green) have more bulk and higher arch support. In some cases the extra bulk will make your heel slip. In other cases, not. Blue I think add the lowest bulk. REI is a great place to check them out.