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Atoms shoes

Has anyone tried Atoms shoes on trips with a lot of walking? My partner and I are taking our first European vacation (first vacation of any length anywhere, really), and will be in Florence, Rome and Sorrento. I expect to do a lot of walking: does anyone have any experience with Atoms shoes for this kind of use?

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Seem to be okay from the reviews on their site, hoepyou get some testimonials here, one way or another.

How did you arrive at that brand from the galaxy of walking shoe choices? My preference is Altra for a huge toe box, zero drop, and super cushioning available in some models but that's just what I need for for my feet.

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At the beginning of the pandemic I bought a couple of their masks, and saw their shoes. Recently they were written up by Tech Crunch and came across my radar again, only this time I’m now looking at making this trip.

I agree the reviews seem very positive, but (perhaps too cynically) I always assume astroturfing, so I don’t trust reviews posted on the product websites as much as I used to. Plus it’s the usual pattern that one posts a review soon after getting a product; I was hoping someone had some experience to share under real-life circumstances. Hoping these (or whatever others) are the only shoes I need to bring.

After perusing the forum I’m looking at Skechers, too.

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Interesting they come in 1/4 sizes but they look too narrow for my slab foot. I, too, wear Altras almost exclusively for the zero drop and the roomy toe-box.

I used to used Skechers all the time but decided I did not like the toe box, the toe-spring or the heel height after I got used to the foot-shaped shoes.

But everyone's feet are different! I'd probably try the Atoms since you are attracted to them and see if they are comfortable to wear for 5+ miles. For Rome you may be walking further than that!

At least if they don't work out the Skechers are readily available and you might catch a sale.

editing to add: I see that Zappos carries the Atoms. I don't know if you use them at all but they are my go-to shoe website. I often will order 2 sizes so I can see which feels best. Zappos has free shipping and free returns. It might be a PIA to drop the box back at UPS but I don't mind that. No connection to Zappos, just have used them for years. Just returned some winter boots to them and ordered yet another pair of Altras, lol.