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Are Waterproof Shoes Needed for Spring GAS Tour?

The yearly weather forecasts show multiple days of rain at the end of May and early June in some of the GAS tour locations. How important is it to take waterproof or at least water resistant shoes? My New Balance walking shoes are what I planned to take but they are not the least bit water resistant. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

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We always wear our Keen Targhee III, which are waterproof, on every trip to Europe. They are super comfortable and supportive on cobblestone. We've been in lots of rain and snow with them with no issues at all.

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If you’re not bringing waterproof shoes, be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes in case the first pair get soaked. It may take a few days to dry out.

Can you spray your shoes with a water proofer?

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I’d say no.

On my GAS there was rain in Switzerland but the trails I took (easy ones) were not terrible. Waterproof was not needed in the city areas.

I do agree with a 2nd pr of shoes in case they get soaked. If they do get wet, pull out the insole to help with drying.

Editing to add: TBH I don’t think forecasts that long range are useful at all, especially in mountain areas. 2-3 days out are pretty acceptable. Further than that, no. You might print out what you’re seeing now and compare it to right before you leave to see the difference.

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I have had a drenching rain on each of my last two tours. They weren’t GAS, but the weather doesn’t care where you are! I always wear my Columbia waterproof walking shoes on tour. In both instances, my feet stayed dry without problems while many of my tour mates waited a day or two for their shoes to dry out. I am going to be wearing a good walking/hiking shoe anyway, why not have it be a waterproof version?

As with all things rain gear, you might goes days without needing it, but when you do, it makes all the difference.