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Any advice on Fitflops for walking on cobblestone streets in Italy

I've been ordering several brands of sneakers to see what I'll be comfortable with on my trip to Italy, such as Clarks, Ecco, Vionic and Keen. I thought I saw mention of Fitflops in this forum, I ordered several pairs for myself (many are very stylish), and a pair of lace up oxford style for my husband, he prefers shoes vs. sneakers, has anyone had experience with Fitflops for lots of walking?

Yes. I wore FitFlops for a day’s sightseeing and they caused intense pain in the front of my shins, something to do with the way the sole is built.

Also can be quite slippy on cobbles: the soles aren’t the grippiest around.

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I wore my FitFlops in 2008 for four weeks straight in Italy in both big cities and tiny villages. I bought them the night before we flew never having wore that brand before. Halfway through the trip I tossed my sneakers away and never looked back. I have since wore them exclusively in southern France, Spain, Holland, Vietnam and Cambodia. I LOVE them.

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I live in Fitflops at home, the flip flop kind. For my Italy trip I bought FitFlop sandals that were on sale at Nordstrom. However I only wore them one night to dinner because May this year was cold and rainy. I think they would have been comfortable on cobblestones even though the soles are thinner than my sneakers. I would not wear flip flops for lots of walking or uneven surfaces.

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My wife’s BFF travels with us and wears nothing but flip flops. I’ve never been able to tolerate the darn things. But this summer we were all over Rome, Sicily and a few years ago Spain and that is all she wore. She tried the often touted sturdy supportive shoes and hated them. If it’s what you like, and they are comfortable, have at it.

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Google “ are flip flops good for your feet “

Answer by ANY podiatrist is “ no “ .

They are fine for casual wandering - but we find in Europe we walk 10-15 kms a day .

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Flip flops and FitFlops are two different brands. My sister swears by FitFlops. She wore them all over London last summer and never had a problem. She has them in shoe and boot styles. I wear Vionic.

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Thank you all for the replies, I meant the FitFlop brand of sneakers, not their brand of sandals, I want a more secure shoe than a sandal, I also have some Vionics on the way, so I'll have to compare.

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I am glad you clarified sneakers. Open shoes like a sandal on dirty cobblestones would not appeal to me, especially if a little rain were to pop up. Too much grime and who knows what on those streets to expose your feet to.