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Allbirds sale

I know some of you like allbirds and some of you think they’re horrible I’m not really trying to get into that but they do have a sale this weekend. All their shoes online are I think 30% off.

But while looking around I also discovered that REI appears to be closing out a lot of these shoes. I just bought a new pair of the sneakers that I like for $50 and they started at 120 so if you can find what you want in your size color, etc. Might be a good time to buy

I do like them. I’m not sure whether they’re going to make the cut for my next trip to Europe but I just wore them to a convention where I walked over 20,000 steps a day and stood at a booth when I wasn’t walking and my feet came out in pretty good shape so they may be going to Europe after that experience.

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Thanks so much, Carol! I just ordered the Tree Dashers directly from Allbirds after trying them on at REI yesterday where they were out of my size and color combo. I appreciate the shout out as these were supremely comfortable and I’m hoping to bring them to England in May.

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I have purchased allbirds on for a very low price. If you try to search for allbirds, it will state that there aren't any. However, if you just put in a price range and size, you will find them. I only paid $39.99 for a pair of woolrunners.