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Where to stay in Ghent
catherinestov... 4
Help with BIG transportation problem!
cathic2300 8
Bruge, Ghent, Brussels
CathyG 17
Bruges - non smoking hotels or bed and breakfasts
CathyG 3
Brussels- bag storage
CathyG 6
Christmas in Bruges - Restaurants Open?
Cathy S 0
Taxi service from Zeebrugge to Bruges
cbmb5556 1
3 days in The Netherlands and Belgium
cdfarley7 23
itinerary and train question
celeste 7
Netherlands and Belgium Trip Advice
CG 9
Buying tickets ahead for Brugge>Luxembourg
Charlene 3
Waffle alternative: like a cream-filled beignet
Charlene 9
Zeebrugge cruise terminal to Bruges
Charlene 4
Antwerp as a day trip from Paris
Charlotte 6
Notable christmas/winter experiences in Bruge/Brussels?
Chase_Roams 13
only 9 minutes transfer time in Brussels MIDI
cheerfulbai 10
1st time for Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg beginning or ending in Paris
cheri 4
Train travel from Brussels to Haarlem
cheri 4
Train - Cologne to Brussels, then on the Brugges
ChgoPatti 4
Ghent Quick Stop - Luggage Storage?
ChgoPatti 3
Bruges - Self-Walking Tour?
ChgoPatti 2
Apple Pay - Brussels / Brugge
ChgoPatti 5
Train from Brussels to Amsterdam - Where should I visit on the way
chodgetx 2
Flanders Fields battlefields tour
Chris 4
Quasimodo tours
Chris 3
Taxi from Bruges to Ypres?
Chris 3
Bruges: car rental
Chris 2
Where to eat in Ypres
Chris 2
Memling or Groeninge?
Chris 5
Belgium-Netherlands-Denmark round-trip?
Chris 11
Charleroi shuttle bus stop to Grande Place
chris259s 5
Bruges Train Station Storage Lockers?
christa 7
Bruges Lockers + Six Hours in Bruges
christa 1
Stopover in Antwerp?
Christine 7
Going to be in Belgium 3-4 nigths
Christine 20
Antwerp B&B or Hotel
Christine 8
Where to buy methanol alcohol for camp stove in Brussels?
christine.lou... 6
May 21 In Belgium
Christopher 1
christschieder 7
COVID Restrictions for Short Visit to Belgium
christschieder 4
48 Hour Visit to Belgium
christschieder 0
Itinerary suggestions for 3 hours via train from Brussels
Christy 8
Bruges or Ghent
Cindy 8
Private Canal Tour
cindy15williams 2
Day trips via train with Brussels as a base
Cindy C 6
Which Place First Belgium or Holland
Cj 3
Home Base in Hoogpoort or Lindenliel Ghent
Cj 2
Where to stay in Ghent?
Cj 4
Bruges and Ghent guide
CJ 1
Recommendations for travel from Amsterdam to Bruges in April 2022
cjhelton_martin 3