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Women's Fashion in Ghent?

Travelling to Ghent first two weeks of May. Just wondering what women are wearing these days.

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Wear clothes in layers as it may be rainy and chilly. Wear a rain jacket with a hood if you have one and and carry an umbrella. Jeans are fine and comfortable shoes. I like to bring two pairs, one pair black sneakers or black shoes just in case on pair hurts or gets wet. I also like to bring some warm scarves, usually one heavier scarve and some thin scarves to dress up my tee shirts and blouses, that I can wear with my jacket, rain jacket and at dinner. I would wear some long sleeve blouses or shirts and a few short sleeves just in case you have warm weather. I like to bring a pair of jeans, black pants and tan pants and have my tops match them so I don't have to worry that a top doesn't match. I also like to bring a hoodie or jacket without a hood to wear in museums that may be chilly or sitting outside in a cafe or under my rain jacket. This way you have a little jacket that will keep you warm or comfortable but don't need a rain jacket that day.

I hope this helps. Have a wonderful time.

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Ghent struck me as very casual. We were also there during the month of May, and people were wearing anything and everything. There were lots of young people - there's a university there - in the same things young people wear pretty much anywhere at all in Western nations.

Pack what's comfortable and what you'd normally sightsee in. Nice city; you'll have a good time. :O)

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You will see people from all kinds of backgrounds together with their matching outfit, but with casual you can’t go wrong.

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I live in a suburb of Seattle. When I first started traveling to Europe (when my nest emptied) a friend said, "Wear what you would if you were going to spend the day in Seattle. Just make sure it travels and washes well and don't look like you are going on a safari". I agree with Ann's reply -- good advice --
-- layers and scarves. I also throw in a black cold weather Underarmour long sleeve black mock turtle neck for cold days. It takes up very little room and washes easy.

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Antwerp and Brussels might actually have some people dressed in the height of fashion, but Gent is (as well as a tourist destination) a student town. No fashion is required there. And there are so many tourists in Antwerp that you can only find well-dressed people in the designer boutique showrooms (and maybe at the Opera House.)

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I wonder if women in Ghent even think about what women in Seattle wear?

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Emily, they might if they are planning a trip to Seattle. For some people, what others are wearing is important for them to feel that they comfortably fit in. For others, myself included, it's not an important issue.

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Thank you so much for all your replies! I really appreciate it.

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Was there n March and didn’t pay much attention. Guess nobody wore anything bizzare to make themselves stand out.

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The people painting in graffiti alley tend to wear jeans covered in paint so it is hard to see the fashion tears and holes. I've seen some pretty interesting outfits in that alley.