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Wineries in Belgium

We enjoy beer and wine and it appears that there are a lot of posts about Belgian beer and breweries but not so much about wine. Can anyone make recommendations for wineries in the Poperinge, Bruges area?

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I doubt it. There is a reason for so much beer, Belgium is too far north for vineyards.
There is a traditional diving line between wine and beer areas, Northern France is beer.
The most northerly wine area in France is Champagne, North-East of Paris around Reims, south of Belgium.

That said, vineyards have been moving north in the last few decades, there are even some vineyards in Southern England! There may be some in Belgium, but not major ones.

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Belgium is not a traditional wine country nevertheless there is a small growing industry. And as food there is serious business there will be little wrong with the quality and think it’s worth tasting a few wines. There are several wine-growing area’s and of them is “het Heuvelland” and lies within a half hour driving from Poperinge. Other area’s in Belgium are Haspengouwen, Hageland, the Sambre and Meuse Valley. Hopefully the next articles are of interest for you.

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Belgium's wine industry is mostly based in the Haspengouw region of Limburg province, where the climate and soil are well suited to fruit growing.

Here's the only tourable winery I am personally familiar with:

If I'm not mistaken, they also used this winery for a miniseries on Belgian TV several years ago about a fictional family rivalry in the wine industry: