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Which city for a 3 day visit?

My wife and I would like to spend a few days in Belgium between Paris and Prague. We are leaning towards Bruges. Is this a good choice for a limited time in Belgium? Thanks!

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Jeremy, keep leaning in that direction. Brugge (aka Bruges) is wonderful Second choice is Gent, which is easy as a day trip from Brugge.
Skip Brussels, except the rail route from Paris to Brugge is via Brussels, and you probably have to get to Brussesl airport to fly to Prague.

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Bruges is incredible. It is very relaxing and an amazing place to stroll around. The architecture is some of the best I've seen in Europe. It is pretty small and very easy to navigate. Make sure to climb to the top of the bell tower. It's a hike but well worth it.

If you are in to history, there are some great WW1 battlefields nearby too.

If you do choose Bruges, you probably will go through Ghent, which is also worth checking out if you have time. Bruges and Ghent are only about 30 minutes apart.

I wouldn't recommend Brussels. Its okay but Bruges is 100 times better.

Hope this helps. Have fun!

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Because it's in between them, and cheaper, you could spend 3 nights in Gent and visit Bruges and Antwep for a daytrip each. Antwerp is the only one of the 3 with 3 days worth of actual attractions. (That is, Bruges is "an experience", not a hotbed of things to see. OPINION.) You should give the month of the year when proposing a visit, as well as some of your interests. For example, Antwerp offers a hundred Art Deco buildings, as well as a medieval center. Bruges has an exceptional medieval center. Gent has bigger canals than Bruges. Bruges' art tends towards gothic and medieval. Gent has the Mystic Lamb, among the most famous art works in Europe. Bruges has the madonna in The Monuments Men. The Bruges Beguinage is the most famous, but I prefer those in Leuven and Turnhout. The open-air (historic building) museum in Bokrijk is very fine, and has its own train station, but is a bit east of all the rest.

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When visiting Bruges and Ghent take a canal boat ride first. It's a great way to see the highlights before exploring on foot. Stay all three days in Bruges. Do Ghent and Brussels as day trips.

Bruges would be my favorite followed by Ghent with Brussels in third place.

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Brugge is my favorite of the four. I found lots of sights (churches, museums, galleries) and of course my favorite chocolatier has a store there (and everywhere - Neuhaus).