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What to do with airport baggage on Belgian train from Brussels Airport to Brugge?

What is the best thing to do with airport baggage on a domestic Belgian train?
Taking a domestic train from Brussels Airport to Brugge.
Would like to avoid, if possible: 1) having to hold heavy baggage on lap to keep it out of the aisles that other passengers need, and 2) having baggage out of sight (although will have locks to attach baggage to racks or something stationary).

In other countries or on international trains, have been able to solve this problem by going 1st class when having airport luggage on the train.

Is that possible on a Belgian domestic train route such as Brussels Airport to Brugge?

Has anyone had to deal with their airport luggage on a domestic Belgian train? (It goes without saying that we will pack as light as possible but it will still be more luggage than we want to hold on our laps from Brussels Airport to Brugge.)

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You are coming from the airport, so baggage is expected. It’s not an issue. I can’t even remember what we did a couple of ago in the same situation. I know it was neither on my lap nor out of sight.

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Was there in March and there were some locations on the train that had more room for luggage. For smaller bags, there were overhead bins. We travel with smaller suitcases, 1 each, and it wasn’t a problem. Since the train was pretty empty, got were able to lace out suitcases right in front of us, and still had some leg room.

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There are some luggage racks in each car, so you could secure there. I've found that the trains aren't always super full at the airport. Some of them have some facing seats with a table, so you could smoosh your luggage in with you there. If you have carry-on size, you can go to the overhead bin. I'm trying to remember what the underseat clearance is, but can't quite recall.

Also - many of the airport trains are double deckers, so you'll be going up or down a few steps with your cases.

Just a bit of general strategy here - head for the cars towards the back, as the generally have fewer people. Also, unless you really want to make the direct train to Brugge, and it's coming, don't rush. The trains do run frequently.

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The airport to Brugge train had large luggage racks.
I came back switching trains in Brussels Zuid. The Brugge-Brussels had tiny racks, like for a backpack. The airport train for the short segment had large racks.
I'd go with the direct in your case.