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Weather in May

Travelling to Ghent for the first two weeks of May. Wondering what weather to expect?

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I'd go to and check out the day-by-day stats (history / monthly) for May 2017, May 2016, etc. That will give you a better idea than simply looking at monthly averages, but I do like to look at the latter to see the average number of rainy days per month.

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No matter where I travel in Europe, I always pack a waterproof - not water resistant - jacket. I've been drenched in Italy, France and UK in May so assume you'll have some rain.

Many here use a Marmot Precip. I used to use that but like the roomier cut of a Cabela's waterproof jacket. I can get a small purse zipped up underneath my jacket.

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Just prepare for all kinds of weather, from (a bit) chilly and rainy to pleasant warm and sunny.

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Thanks so much for your speedy replies! I will definitely take my waterproof jacket and an umbrella.