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visiting flanders fields

I will be in Brussels on a Sunday morning in July. I can either take the train to Bruges and go to Flanders Fields with Quazimodo tours which Rick mentions in his book and then spend the night in Bruges or I can take a Flanders Fields tour with Brussels City Tours and get on the bus in Brussels and they return and stay in a hotel in Brussels. The hotels in Brussels are of course cheaper but I only found one review for Brussels City Tours-Flanders Fields. I liked the itinerary for both but B City Tours also incudes In Flanders Fields Museum. Can people recomend the quality of guides for Brussels City Tours?

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Just to say I am doing another tour with Quasimodo Tours from Brugge. everything I have seen or read or experienced with them is great. Their cost for Flanders Field is also cheaper than any other I have been considering. €65 . And you can stay for Menin Gate. As opposed to the one I am doing which leaves from Amiens, and is costing €170 each. Why? It is based in Amiens where I am staying, and it also concentrates on Australian and perhaps NZ sites. That is something to consider. There are so many sites and people from each country want to see all of theirs and maybe do not care about so much of others. Quasimodo being reccommended by Rick and also from their web being willing to be flexible about where you particularly want to see, might be worth the travel to connect with.

Is there a way you can come to Brugges and stay at least two nights?

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If you decide on Brugge, I stayed at Hotel Groenighe a year ago and it was very reasonably priced with a great breakfast.

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Thanks for the replies so far. After doing more research I am now leaning toward taking the train to Ypres from Brussels, going to In Flanders Fields Museum in the morning, and then taking an afternoon tour with Flanders Battlefield Tours. I think the owner of this company does the Flanders Fields tours for RS. I will then see the Last Post ceremony and take the train back to Brussels to my hotel. My friend recomended staying in Ypres but I'm sure the hotels are a little more expensive right now because of the centennial. If anyone sees a flaw in this new itinerary or has a better idea please let me know.

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Sounds like a good idea. We will be going to Ypres mid-April to see the Last Post. We are doing this as a day-trip from Gent, as we were unable to get lodging in Ypres, actually even Gent was difficult, had to settle for an Ibis rather than a B and B. and this was as of December.

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I liked the Quasimundo tour and was able to see the In Flanders Fields museum before last post. I thought that the museum and last post were quite moving. I also thought that the Atlantik Wall at Raversidje was interesting (it has fortifications from WWI and WWII). I think it is accessable by public transit (it's about 20 miles west of Bruges), bike (my choice), or car if you have an extra day to go to the coast. It's about 2km of walking through the fortifications but is interesting.

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My suggestion would a tour with Flanders Battlefield Tours as the guide (Jacques) is outstanding! However I believe they require a minimum number of people for their tours, so that could be an issue if you're travelling solo.