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Travelling with a Big luggage in a train Belgium

i am travelling from Brussels airport to Bruges by Train with big bag ... I do not think it can fit into the overhead I able to leave it at the end of your carriage the the train I took in France... as i notice in Youtube , trains in Belgium do not seem to have luggage storage compartments at the end of the carriages.

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It’s not a long journey so if the train isn’t crowded you can probably keep it next to you. I recently traveled from Brussels to Ghent and found a set of bench seats running down the side of the car. I sat there, scooted my bag in at the end and no problem. It was only a 21” but it wouldn’t have fit on the shelf above the seat.

Crowds might be an issue at rush hour or Friday afternoon but not 100% sure about that.

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oh, so I am right ?.. there is no luggage storage compartments at the end of the carriages ?

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I did not see one on the train I was on. It was also the double decked car so I went upstairs. I did not look on the lower level.

If you are taking a big suitcase make sure you can quickly lift it on and off the train unaided.

You know you’ve landed on a forum where we are fanatics about packing light, right?? 😁😁 I’m late 60’s, solo traveler, female and I can go for 8 weeks in a 21” bag. No big luggage for me!!

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But being as the train passes through Brussels airport, there will be a lot of people boarding with luggage, some of it might be big. The trains that go direct to Bruges that leave at 1 or 3 past the hour originate at Brussels airport, Get there early and you will be the first to board the train and be able to spot a place for your bag. If it is not too big, it might fit in the space between back-to-back seats.

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Trains in Belgium do have luggage racks, but most people store their bags overhead. I just spent 39 days traveling all over Europe by trains and I was astonished and annoyed at the gigantic bags being hauled around. The people with the huge bags blocked platforms, waiting areas, doors, and sidewalks. On one train a woman had a giant spinner that broke loose from the luggage area and went careening down the aisle, it was downright dangerous. Do yourself a favor and travel with a reasonably sized suitcase. Getting on and off trains can be very difficult with large bags.

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It wasn’t just you who was annoyed! Europeans do not travel with huge bags.
I have seen US travelers abroad who block all access to seats for others due to their large luggage.

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How big is your bag?
We learned last year you can do with a whole lot less with careful planning.
We are in our 60's and took a 23 and a 27 inch bag. It worked fine but you have to be prepared to be able to haul the bag off the platform and on to the train and be quick and efficient about it.
Once seated, most people don't mind if you sit with the bag at your side, but be prepared to move the bag so people can enter the aisles to exit the train.
Next time we go our max size will be 21 and maybe 23. If you are flying, there is also a weight limit so you want to go light on the way over if you find treasures to take home. The weight of chocolate and cheese can quickly add up :-)
This forum might give suggestions on how to pack lighter if that would be helpful to you.