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Train/hotel questions: Brussels to Bruges and Paris to Brussels

We will be arriving at Brussels airport and going to Bruges on September 25th. I am wondering if we get on a train to Bruges at or near the airport. If not, how does one get to the train from the airport? Are shuttles available? Do we need reservations for this?

Secondly, we will be flying out of Brussels on October 12th at 11:00 AM. Our last stop will be Paris. We are planning on taking a train from there to Brussels. My thought is that it is too risky to leave Paris in the morning and expect to get there in plenty of time for the flight, or is that feasible? If not, we will leave Paris the day before. Is the train station far from the airport? Is there a reasonably priced hotel near the airport that perhaps has a shuttle service?

Thanks very much to anyone who can advise me!

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There is a train station at the Brussels airport. You can get tickets when you are there in a machine or ticket window no price difference to reserve ahead. I would get to Brussels the night before for an 11 am flight as you should be at the airport by 8 or so. We stayed near central station in Brussels near the grand place. Train to the airport was easy in the morning and we could enjoy the grand place the night before.

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There is a train station connected to Brussels International Airport (BRU) - no shuttle is needed to get from the airport to the train. Just walk to the trains as you exit baggage claim. Follow the signs to the trains. Use this site to figure out the trains to Bruges:

Without looking, I'm guessing that you are probably right about needing to be in Belgium the night before your 11am flight out. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to stay in Brussels proper. BRU is well connected by train to other Belgian towns. A few years ago, I stayed in Antwerp the night before my flight out of BRU and took an early train in the morning to BRU - less than an hour ride. (In retrospect, I didn't care much for Antwerp and would have stayed in the town of Leuven instead. Both it and Antwerp have a direct train connection to BRU.) But staying in Brussels proper isn't a bad idea either. Point is, you have options.

Use the site to book trains between Belgium and France.

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There are direct trains from the airport to Bruges. If you arrive right after one departs it may be quicker to get a train to Brussels Central and change there.

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I would consider heading straight to Paris and ending in Brussels that way your last day isn't wasted spending a night somewhere new. Just a thought :)