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train from Brussels to the airport for early am flight

I am flying into Brussels from the US at 0730 and then flying to Geneva at 0630 the next morning. I'm looking for suggested hotels with easy access to a train station so that I can facilitate the necessary transfers. This assumes that trains depart early enough to make my 6:30am departure. How much time should I allow for this process and how often do the trains run at that time? I can't seem to find this information, only that they run up to 4 times per hour. I am traveling with my newlywed wife, so I'm hoping to find a nice but not too expensive experience for our first night in Europe. After our quick initial night in Brussels, we will be slowing down and will end up in Brugge and Brussels on our way back home 2 weeks later. So, we may be interested in staying in the same hotel for our last night in Brussels to retrace the steps we made the first day.Or there may be much better ways to spend our last night in Brussels. Any ideas will be most appreciated!

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The earliest train I see from Brussel Centraal leaves just before 5:00. It's about a 15 minute ride to the airport.

For other options, there's a hotel connected to the airport (Sheraton, I believe), and you have a selection of the usual chains just outside the airport. But these are located in just about one of the most dull, dreary streets in all of Belgium, if that matters. Most probably offer shuttle service.

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Thank you,Tom. Leaving by 5 am should give us enough time as we have carry on and can check-in for the flight the night before. I'll find a hotel near the central station.