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Train from Brussels to Bruges--need to reserve ahead?

Hi, planning to do a day trip from Brussels to Bruges in early we need to book the train ride in advance, or can we get a ticket the morning of the trip out? Thank you in advance! Karen

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I don't think those trains are reserved at all - they weren't in 2013 when I took that train. Arrive at the station in Brussels early so you can hop right on and get a seat - if it's a busy day by chance, you might have to stand. (I almost had to - but it was a busy Sunday as I recall.) If you really worry about that, book in first class - will cost more but should be much less full, perhaps empty.

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Local train. No seat, you stand till one is available. It is a short trip.

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Was just using all the trains in Brussels this last October.
No need to get the ticket in advance. There are many clerks, with excellent English in all the major train stations we traveled thru.

We had no problem with seats, but be aware there is a first and second class. i really saw very little difference with seats.
The train system is excellent! Just ask the clerk when the next train is and what track.

After 4 nights in Bruges, we traveled back to Leuven (our base near Brussels) but stopped in Ghent for the day. There were large lockers for our baggage in the station, and we didn't need to purchase an additional ticket, just got off and then back on at the end of our day in Ghent.
Enjoy the chocolate and the beer!