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Time estimate Brussels airport to Midi station

Arriving in Brussels at 8 AM and plan to take the train to Paris out of Midi station. Not sure when to book the train. What is your
experience in the time it takes to get your luggage, clear the legal hassles, get out of the airport and make it to the train station.
The info about getting to the train station is that the airport to Midi train costs E-17.00, and a cab would be E-35.00. For two people, the cab option sounds good. These costs may not be current - please advise. Another question: Ricks travel advice states that Senior discount on railroad tickets need a Senior discount card purchased in Europe. Is there a way to get this card from the US and save on the fares?
Thanks for your help, John

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An advantage of the train at 17 euro total for 2 people is that they go average every 10 minutes and will take you directly to the interior of Midi station in 20 to 25 minutes, no matter what the traffic on the street is.
Also, there is a direct Thalys train from Brussels airport to Paris at 10:04, so there is a chance you could make that one.
Remember, it is not only about time to get through passport control and get the bags off the belt, but flight delays are an even bigger factor.
So buying an advance ticket that is nonrefundable is usually not a good idea unless you are getting a huge discount and leave yourself at least a 4 hour window from scheduled landing to train departure time.
If you just want get to Paris ASAP, get to Midi first chance if you can't get the 10:04 Thalys.

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Belgian rail doesn't offer advanced purchase discounts, especially not for the short ride from the airport into the city. So if you take the train, just buy your tickets at the station.

Traffic around Brussels can be horrible, especially on the ring. Easiest just to take the train.

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I'd plan on taking the direct train to Paris that leaves the airport at 10:04 am, but I wouldn't buy advance tickets. I'd wait till I cleared customs to make sure there weren't any delays. Yes, you pay more by buying last-minute, but you avoid the hassle of getting to Midi--and the price of the train tickets to get there.

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I agree with Sam. I'd take the train from the airport to Midi.

For a period of time, I was traveling regularly between London and Brussels. On a weekday morning, the taxi queue can be very long. The train is more predictable.