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Suggestions where to stay

We are arriving in Belgium on the 22nd and are looking at 2 different apartments through airbnb to rent. One is in Chatelain and the other is in Geraadsbergen. Does anyone know these areA? Which is better to stay in? Which is located closer to all activities. Thank you

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Never heard of Châtelain as a village or city in Belgium, maybe the name of a square in Elsene/Ixelles, a suburb of Brussels, so can you be more specific.

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I haven't visited Geraardsbergen, but I know the general area... not the most interesting corner of Belgium, but at least it's close to Brussels and not too far from Gent and Tournai, which gets my vote as the best city in the Walloon region.

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When you say "all activities", can you be more specific? What are you planning to see?

I second Tom with regard to Ghent and Tournai.

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The initial search screen of airbnb does map the locations through Google maps, which also displays many landmarks. Have you identified which activities or major sightseeing are in your plan?