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Suggestions please enroute to Paris

Hello Friends,

Me and my wife are visiting Belgium, Paris and Amsterdam in November 1st week. We have a conference to attend in Amsterdam.
We start our trip in Ghent and are going to be there for 3 days and will be seeing Brugge, Antwerp and Ghent. Then we have a two day gap..and then we proceed to paris for 2 days and further on to Amsterdam.
Now the help we require is..I had mentioned two day gap...the reason is that typically, we would have had spent the two days in Brussels and then proceeded to Paris...but me and my wife have seen Brussels earlier and would not be Keen on doing it again.
Hence please request suggestions what we can do in those 2 days and proceed to Paris...
As I was typing this, I came across Loire Valley..will it be a good option..


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The Loire Valley is a good option. It's not too far from Paris and it is very beautiful. However, if you have never been to Paris there is LOTS to see and do there. You could easily spend 4 days in Paris. You can also take the RER (train) from Paris to Versailles and / or Paris to Giverny. They are both about an hour outside of Paris and worth the trip.

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Let me get this right - you are staying in Ghent (and visiting Brugge and Antwerp from there) you then have 2/4 empty days before you need to be in Amsterdam and are thinking of dashing south to Paris and possibly the Loire? How were you planning to travel?

The Loire is around 200miles from paris and Amsterdam is over 200 miles north of Paris, so getting back will take a day.

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The Loire valley is a long way out of your way. Maybe you could try Cologne?

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Have you been to Paris before? If not, I would add the time to Paris. Actually, if it was me I'd add it to Paris anyway. I do love Paris...