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Smart phones

Is it possible to travel in Europe without a smart phone?
What sort of difficulties will I run into, and are there workarounds?

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I resisted smart phone for a very long time. Then when I used one I used it in offline mode. But now I don't realistically think you can survive without a connected smart phone.

The key reasons are:
- buying tickets - showing mobile tickets at museums/trains/ etc
- receiving test results
- showing vaccine pass and/or test results
-using Whatsapp with most businesses (they don't use phone or text - but use whatsapp to do the same thing)
-audio guides
-authorising payments / tacking payments using my cards
-apple pay - instead of using a physical card - my phone is it

And of course the reason I've been using smart phones for years:
- translation services
- maps / GPS
- photos
- staying in touch with friends and family (I don't call there's a time difference)
- managing bills and email from home